27 Jan

RAL 023: Yggdrasil Retreat’s Mentor Program

Yggdrasil Retreat mentor program reiki answer lady

Joe Landwehr, Nia Kallhof, John Stanilou, and Julie Yeaman from Yggdrasil’s Talking Council join Reiki Answer Lady to share their unique stories and healing opportunities through Yggdrasil’s Mentor Program.  Yggdrasil is a Forest Retreat and a School for Visionary Contrarians and their Mentor Program is based off their four Soul Tasks.

In this Episode:

Contact Yggdrasil:

Email Joe: jlandwehr@yggdrasilretreat.com

Website: http://www.yggdrasilretreat.com

More About Yggdrasil:

Yggdrasil is a school for visionary contrarians and a forest retreat for souls reinventing themselves, intended to be housed within a self-sustaining community – currently in the early stages of manifestation.

Yggdrasil will be a sanctuary enabling us – its residents and guests – to feel our way into a deeper sense of being, out of which meaningful doing might arise.  It will serve those who sense the need to stop what they are doing, and begin again – after a period of self-reflection, healing, and reconnection with a deeper mythopoetic place within themselves.  Away from everyday life, we’ll dialogue with each other, with our dreams, with the Earth, and with the living inhabitants of the more-than-human world.

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil was the World Tree on which the storm god Odin hung for nine days and nights, channeling the magical language of the runes. Through his initiation, Odin gained the power to realign the world with the axis mundi – the natural order – by giving voice to wisdom absorbed in dialogue with the World Tree.

In naming our retreat Yggdrasil, it becomes a sacred space where the visionary contrarians who participate in it are altered in profound ways, and empowered to help realign the world with the natural order as they absorb the wisdom of the World Tree with which they commune and for which they care on daily basis.

Read more: http://joelandwehr.typepad.com/yggdrasil/#ixzz3ySv29n00

More About Yggdrasil’s Workshops:

Over the past several years, we have developed two extraordinary workshop experiences that we plan to offer on an annual basis.  More will gradually be added, as time and co-creative energy converges.  Weekend workshops will always be a part of what we offer, perhaps increasingly as an introduction to longer year-long immersion programs and/or residencies.

Yggdrasil workshops are not designed to be feel-good experiences, but rather life-changing events.  Change becomes possible when a deep desire to change is met with a skillfully crafted opportunity to do so, and it is our intent at Yggdrasil to provide such opportunities.  While we are still feeling our way into this intention, we already know a few key things about the process:

  • When people have the opportunity to share their stories and be heard, deep insights related to the process at hand begin to emerge.
  • Insight alone is not enough to shift a pattern.
  • Insight must be met by emotion, imagination and the body’s natural desire to move before lasting change can happen.

With these discoveries in mind, all Yggdrasil workshops will be designed as multi-faceted experiences capable of engaging mind, heart, body and imagination toward the end of helping those who come to change their lives.

To date, we offer the following workshops:

  • Returning the Inner Masculine and Feminine to Sacred Balance – an opportunity to explore and heal our sacred wounds as men and as women, and to create dialogue and cooperation towards re-balancing the masculine and feminine in ourselves and our culture.
  • Tracking the Soul – based on Yggdrasil Co-Founder Joe Landwehr’s book of the same name, this is a workshop using astropoetics in conjunction with experiential exercises to shift core issues.

To sign up, just click on the link above to the workshop of your choice, and follow the instructions.

An excellent course of preparation for or follow-up to a workshop can be a personal Mentorship with one of Yggdrasil’s skilled mentors.  If you are interested in this option, let us know and we will custom-design a program to meet your needs and interests.

Read more: http://joelandwehr.typepad.com/yggdrasil/our-workshops.html#ixzz3ySvurOkN

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