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8 Unique Networking Opportunities for Reiki Professionals

TEXT HERE8 Unique Networking Opportunities for Reiki Professionals

Here are some fun and unique ideas for networking in community. Before you reach out to other businesses in your community to network with, have a marketing and education plan in place to describe your services.

Reiki as we all know is a very nurturing energy therapy. There are so many instances where a Reiki session would support traditional allopathic medicine. If you have any of the following in your area, put together your information packet and get in touch with the Integrative Therapy Service Organizer, head of HR or head of Education: Cancer Center, Hospice Care, VA Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Emergency Animal Hospital and other Care centers where patients are undergoing intense therapies.

Use your nurturing Reiki services to enhance the quality of life and aide in the communication between family members of those who are in hospice or who may be unable to communicate themselves through traditional means such as total care and non-verbal patients. You can network in your area with services that refer treatment options to developmentally disadvantaged individuals or reach out to day centers or housing centers. This can be extremely rewarding and nurturing for families and your client, giving them a voice they may have never had. Translating end of life needs can bring great comfort to families that want the best for their loved ones during transitions.

Animals love Reiki and reaching out to shelters, veterinarians and dog trainers can provide a unique and rewarding client base. You may have to volunteer your time initially but the more you educate the public and the more successes they see, the more people will want to bring you their own pets. Animals suffer trauma just like we do and would love for someone to be their advocate for nurturing therapies.

There are many scary events in a persons life that could use a nurturing healing therapy like Reiki.  Children who are victims of abuse or violence and are put in foster care away from their families would benefit from the nurturing aspects of Reiki. Families in shelters would love to feel supported. People who are in the hospital for surgical procedures or treatments, even dental ones, can be anxious. Women who are in shelters to change their way of life would benefit from a nurturing session. New mothers to be in hospitals or women undergoing mammograms experience high levels of anxiety. Many of these again might require you to volunteer initially but you could take that opportunities to learn about grants or other sources of funding for your services as well as educate the public about the benefits of Reiki.  Think about working with other Reiki professionals in your area to provide a  ‘Nurture Me’ day for women at a shelter or another such event.

Think of all the service providers in your area that talk to people all day long and offer them a free Reiki session. Hair dressers, nail technicians, cosmetic counter sales staff, and spas are some services that come to mind. Offer a free session, talk to them about Reiki and see if they would be willing to let you leave your marketing information at their place of business to hand out to clients. During holiday’s offer them special discounts for their friends and clients for them to hand out or give as gifts.

Offer free sessions to your friends and discounted sessions to their families. When someone comes to you for a lovely, nurturing session they are going to think of all those people in their lives that would benefit, make it very easy for them to tell their friends and families by supporting their decision to tell them about Reiki. By providing them with straight forward information about Reiki and offering a discount they can feel comfortable supporting your business and having their friends and family come to see you.

Many sports professionals have anxiety before their games, matches or bouts for instance. Offer free or very discounted pre-game Reiki sessions at sporting events. Having a table or booth set up will provide opportunities to tell people about Reiki and for lots of people to get to know you.  We all know how calming and soothing Reiki can be. Offer to give coaches or trainers a free Reiki session and educate them on all the ways Reiki can support a healthy balance.

Reach out to professional event organizers and offer to have a free Reiki booth at their event.  They may need to fill their spots giving you a discounted price or maybe they would want you to provide your service as a fun free option for their event goers. You can offer them a free session before hand so they can talk about it. This could include holistic and wellness events, animals events, children’s events and so on.

While these are just a few options, let your guides help you, find your niche and don’t be afraid to drop in and say hi.

Reiki can be offered anywhere and in any setting. You only need yourself and the other person or animal. You do not need music. You do not need access to the full body.  You do not even need to touch anyone, you can just be there as a conduit for the light. Remember this simplicity and educate your community about the many benefits of Reiki.  Good luck and have fun!

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