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01 Apr

RAL 028: Reiki Symbols with Sali Crow, Natural Psychic Medium

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Sali Crow is the graduate of 6 different schools of Reiki and Rune Valdr which is a Norse Energy Medicine similar to Reiki and as a teacher of Reiki for the last 16 years has developed a working relationship with the many symbols of Reiki and Rune Valdr.   Sali shares her compassionate and practical knowledge of the symbols and the implications of symbol use with the evolution of Reiki.

In the Episode:

  • What are Symbols
  • How do Symbols Work
  • Different Schools of Reiki
  • Attunements and Self Attunement
  • Working with Symbols in Session
  • Rune Valdr
  • Rune Galdr

Contact Sali:

Sali’s Blog: https://salicrow.wordpress.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Salicrow-Psychic-Medium-100137683442482/

Email: sali@salicrow.com

Phone: (802)473-2907

More About Sali:

Salicrow is a Natural Psychic Medium who specializes in Spirit Communication & Divination. She has been aware of her gifts since birth and has worked professionally as a Psychic Medium for over 25 years. Born into a family of Medicine Workers, Psychics & Mediums; Salicrow has studied the Metaphysical world since childhood. She is a Reiki Master in 6 schools of Reiki, a Sound Healer, Practioner of Rune Valdr & Seithr, Druid & Spiritiual Adventurer.

Sali’s Psychic Services:

Spirit Communication Services- PERSONAL-1 hour session of persona messages. SEANCE- 2 hour, small group session with 1-6 guest, all guest receive a personal message. GALLERY-2 hour session for larger groups 10-30 not all guest will receive a personal message. *please inquire about larger groups. Divination Services- CROW READING-20 minute an informative Psychic Reading without intuitive counseling. RAVEN READING-an informative Psychic Reading with intuitive counseling. ROOK READING-a detailed look at the past life/lives that are currently effecting you. For details and scheduling please visit- salicrow.com


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