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21 Jun

RAL 033: A Reiki Story about Mrs. Takata with Susan Mitchell of Reiki Healing Arts

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Are you as curious about Mrs Takata as I am?  She is the main Matriarch of our Reiki Lineage here in the west.  Join me in this conversation with Susan Mitchell, a Reiki Master Teacher who was first attuned for level one Reiki by Mrs. Takata in 1978!.  Susan is a great story teller and she gives us an insight into Mrs. Takata’s teaching style as well as some key components of her training, you might be surprised!

In this episode:

  • First Degree Class set up
  • Mrs. Takata’s personal style and expectations
  • Initiations at Level One
  • Treatment Positions
  • Honoring Intuition
  • Reiki Stories, an Oral Tradition
  • “Reiki will teach you” a Mrs. Takata Quote
  • Start Your Day with a Reiki Treatment
  • Mrs. Takata’s Treatments
  • Reiki Alliance
  • Northwest Reiki Gathering – http://www.nwreikigathering.com
  • Mountain View Retreat House – http://reikihealingarts.com/mountain-view-retreat-house/

To Contact Susan:

Treatment — Training 
Reiki Healing Arts

Susan and Paul Mitchell
Reiki Masters
35695 E Canyon Rd
Cataldo, ID 83810                                                                                                                                                    208-512-1524

Email Susan                                                                                                                                                            www.reikihealingarts.com

About Susan:

Susan Mitchell has treated thousands of people since she began practicing Reiki in 1978. She learned Reiki from Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki from Japan to the West. As the long-time director of The Reiki Alliance and now assistant editor of Reiki Magazine International, she is a well-known and respected member of the international Reiki community. Starting life with a cleft palate and harelip put the themes of healing and wholeness front and center in Susan’s life. Susan has dedicated nearly her entire adult life—the past twenty-seven years—to the practice and principles of Reiki. Witnessing the healing that comes through Reiki inspires Susan to help others find their own source of healing and wisdom.

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