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16 Aug

RAL 037: Magical Living and Holistic Energy Magic with Tess Whitehurst

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Are you living a Magical Life?  Tess Whitehurst is an award winning author, feng shui consultant, and intuitive counselor who was supported in her magical development since childhood.  Tess has taken her intuitive gifts and melded her interests in natural magic with feng shui to come up with her own Magical Living and Holistic Energy Magic techniques and guidelines.

In this Episodes:

The Good Vibe Tribe:

The Good Vibe Tribe membership program is about gaining spiritual wisdom, staying in the inspiration loop, and constantly growing more and more fully into your magical power.

Members have access to monthly online workshops, weekly web chats with Tess, weekly affirmations, and an online forum to connect with other spiritual creatives.

Because the whole world wins when magical people own their power and express their gifts.

Not to mention: it’s fun!

Contacting Tess:


Website Contact Form

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tesswhitehurst

More About Tess:

Tess Whitehurst has been interested in all things magical since childhood. Her parents remember the way she casually referred to the “different colors around people’s heads and shoulders,” and her preschool age backyard activities included intuitively performing nature rituals and speaking with faeries.

Now, for almost a decade, she’s helped thousands through her booksarticlesfeng shui consultationslive workshopsonline classes, and intuitive counseling sessions. She truly loves sharing principles and practices that have so supported her (and continue to support her!) on her own healing journey.

24 Feb

RAL 025: Feng Shui with Tera Lane

Tera Lane, Reiki Answer Lady, Feng Shui, Astrology

Discover the fundamentals of Feng Shui with our special guest Tera Lane from Tera’s Stars. Is your life flowing and growing?  It’s possible that the one golden rule of Feng Shui is being broken in your home and office, join us as Tera brings to light some simple changes we can make to bring our lives back into balance.  Discover how this ancient technique can help transform your life.

“She Changes Everything She Touches and Everything She Touches Changes”

In this episode:

  • Sideral Astrology
  • Feng Shui History
  • Manipulating Elements
  • Active and Passive Chaos
  • Working with a Professional
  • Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego
  • American Feng Shui Institute
  • Clutter, Art Work and the Largest Opening in Your Home
  • Negative Accumulation
  • Sharp Points and Anger
  • Business Moving Locations
  • Space Clearing
  • Enchantment in the Sky

To Contact Tera:

For appointments call: 760-808-0617

Tera’s Stars Website

Tera’s Stars Email

More about Tera:

Tera has a background in television KMIR-TV, as a Weather Personality and Movie Hostess and as an award winning sales talent. She has hosted her own Television show, “Tera on the Town” along with being a spokesperson for College of the Desert. Her experience in modeling and voiceover talent has also earned her awards in the media industry.

Her motivational and Management skills were apparent when she managed KEZN radio for five years, and then was recruited by Morris Communications to manage their new acquired seven radio stations. She has successfully sold “air time” for Television, Cable and Radio in the Palm Springs market.

Tera’s training and continued self-improvement includes extensive acting course, voice/dance/drumming lessons along with stage performances, as Chorus Line, Pippin, Last of the Red Hot Lovers.

Tera has lived in the Coachella Valley since 1979 and witnessed major changes in our desert. She has an excellent understanding of media and has assisted many businesses with their success. And she now enjoys selling Real Estate and assisting clients in balancing their environments.

Having attended San Diego State where her major studies were Psychology and Communications. She can converse in Spanish and is continually working on herself as a person. “If you stop, you rot.” Tera continues to be a student of Bikram Yoga and lives by example to her fellow friends.

Tera Lane is a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui (TM) in San Diego and is certified in Essential Feng Shui. She is also certified from the American School of Feng Shui, and trained by Feng Shui Master, Larry Sang. She is a Certified Feng Shui Soul Coach, trained personally by Denise Linn, internationally known healer and Feng Shui authority.

Tera also brings a wealth of knowledge of Herbs and Natural Healing to her list of qualities. She has been a professional Sidereal Astrologer for over twenty years, and is accomplished in Tibetan Numerology; she has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Human Interactions. She is known for her powerful workshops on manifestation, using Earth and Moon cycles. She utilizes Nature and the “Old Ways” for enhancement and empowerment of life. She is a wonderful public speaker and a powerful teacher of the Mystical Sciences.

Tera is also trained in Space Clearing and has been successful in the Human Potential Movement as a student and teacher for over 20 years. She has a natural talent for creating beauty and balance for herself and others.  She has been interviewed on numerous radio and television shows and writes Horoscopes for Distinctive Homes and Living.

For appointments call: 760-808-0617

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