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06 Jul

RAL 034: Reiki and Empaths with Yolanda Williams of Yew Chi Wellness

reiki answer lady podcast with yolanda williams reiki and empathy

Yolanda is herself an empath and found Reiki during a transitional period in her life.  Are you an empath?  Can Reiki help you develop a relationship with your gifts?  Join Yolanda and I as we talk about the many ways Reiki provides a foundation for our spiritual growth and how Reiki helps guide you in embracing your True Self on your Healing Path.  Yolanda is a Reiki Master Teacher and has her own Reiki show called Reiki Radio.

In this episode:

Contacting Yolanda:

website: http://www.yewchi.com/index.html

email: http://wellness@yewchi.com

contact form: http://www.yewchi.com/contact.html

More About Yolanda:

Reiki-Master. Intuitive. Teacher. Author.
Yolanda Williams is a Reiki-Master Teacher, Intuitive Mentor and host of the weekly podcast, Reiki Radio.  She specializes in transformation of energy and Divine-Eye training (intuitive mastery).  She believes the key to all spiritual work is rooted in self-connection, allowing you to see yourself in TRUTH, from a higher level of consciousness.  Her mission is to help you gain clarity and move beyond self-imposed boundaries.  She is dedicated to helping you reveal your gifts, while guiding you through your own processes of transformation.
Be Your Own Healer and Intuitive Mastery are two of Yolanda’s classes.

And if you’re an Empath…

Surrounding energies can be exhaustively overwhelming!  These tools have also helped me learn how to manage my empathic nature by realizing which energies are mine, and which are not, when sharing space with others.  If you’re unsure of what it means to be an Empath, you probably are if:

  • you become anxious in crowds because of overwhelming energy
  • you have a hard time sharing space with certain people, even if you can’t rationalize why (it’s just a feeling)
  • you can’t watch certain things on tv/movies because of how you feel when seeing or hearing certain images/sounds
  • you are very uncomfortable in certain environments, seemingly without reason, but you can sense something is “off”

Empaths have a natural sensitivity to energy, which can seem like a curse if you don’t know how to manage and utilize this gift!  It comes down to having an awareness of self, understanding that not everything you feel is your own AND that you can manage how you take in and process what you sense.

This awareness allows me to observe from a space of neutrality, as I support and guide you during sessions and classes.  I also receive intuitive messages about old wounding and energetic challenges when working with clients, which helps you gain conscious awareness of your own soul-evolution.

All of my offerings are held with love, compassion, and without judgment.  The roads to self-healing are personal and I have the utmost respect for the unique journeys of each client and student.  My intention is always to help you recognize and connect with yourself, as well as discover your own answers.

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