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03 Aug

RAL 036: Sacred Music and Kirtan with Ragani

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The sound waves of music can reach across distances and bring deep healing.  Join us in welcoming special guest Ragani to our Reiki Answer Lady podcast as we explore sacred music and kirtan and  the potential for peace through music.  Kirtan is a call and response style of musical meditation that guides the participants on a shared journey of bliss.  Ragani shares her insights into how sacred music and kirtan works to bring our whole selves into a higher vibration for transformation.  Ragani is a musician and holds a doctorate of Clinical Psychology as well as a degree in Acupuncture Therapy.

In this episode:

  • Kirtan – call and response
  • Spiritual Foundation
  • Yoga
  • Sri Swami Rama
  • Magic in Music
  • Spiritual Message
  • Uniqueness of Music Vibration
  • Quieting the Mind
  • False Self
  • Changing through Inner Peace
  • Standing in a place of Peace
  • Sacred Presence in Kirtan
  • Peace Prayer Project Sneak Peak

Contact Ragani:  

website: http://www.raganiworld.com/index/

webmail: http://www.raganiworld.com/contact/

More about Ragani:

At the age of eight, Ragani met the legendary yoga master, Sri Swami Rama, former Shankaracharya of India and founder of the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy. Under his tutelage, she was initiated and personally trained in the Himalayan Tradition of yoga sciences, meditation and eastern music, including kirtan, and over the next two decades she continued to deepen her practices under his guidance. She further studied classical Indian vocals under the generous tutelage of Laxmi Narayan Tiwari from Kanpur, India. During her teenage years Ragani devoted herself to a regular practice of meditation, asana, and other yogic methods, and these practices became her life’s foundation.

A second-generation yoga practitioner, Ragani’s lifelong involvements in yoga, meditation, and complementary medicine led her to lecture in the US and abroad on topics of yoga science and stress management. She holds a doctorate of Clinical Psychology as well as a degree in Acupuncture Therapy, and she integrates mind-body practices into her acupuncture therapies.Her deep love of yoga, mysticism, and meditation has led her to India’s Himalayas, where she has traveled and studied with many known and unknown mystics and yoga masters.

Ragani’s Music:

Ragani’s Music award-winning Kirtan Café albums are recognized for their heartfelt & lush vocals, rich world instrumentation, and the sacred mantras of India. Her single mantra beat releases, “Peace Prayer” and “Love Holds Everything”, hit #18 and #24 respectively on iTunes World Music charts. “Love Holds Everything” also held #1 Top Selling Vocal and Top Selling World at CD Baby for two weeks straight. Ancient Spirit (Kirtan Café, Vol. II) was named CD Baby’s Editor’s Pick, awarded Best Production Runner Up by International Music Aid awards, and honored with “Best of the Year” by Backroads Music. The Just Plain Folks’ “Grassroots Grammys” (the largest international music awards in the world) awarded Ragani’s debut album, Best of Both Worlds with 4th place Best Asian Ethnic Album (selected from over 10,000 albums and 140,000 songs).

The mantra is a friend that helps the mind become one-pointed and slowly leads the student to a deep state of silence,  to the Center of Consciousness within.” 

– Swami Rama

What is kirtan?

This ancient practice of kirtan (call-and-response yoga chanting) has been found to quiet the mind, reduce stress, and renew the spirit. It is a participatory, cross-cultural sacred music experience that incorporates the audience right into the music itself, and it has swiftly gained popularity throughout the U.S. as it follows on the heels of the yoga movement. While kirtan and mantras have many spiritual aspects, they should not be confused with religion; their benefits can be enjoyed by individuals from all walks of life.

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