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30 Dec

RAL 043: Reiki and Horses on Hidden Brook Farm with Pam Allen-LeBlanc

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Imagine your surrounded by a lovely idyllic farm with rolling hills and beautiful trees, you feel a soft breath caress your cheek and your whole self is infused with a warmth that brings peace and relaxation.  When you open your eyes you find yourself with Pam Allen-LeBlanc and her amazing group of Reiki Horses, receiving Reiki from her friends Star and Scout and her other Horse friends on her farm Hidden Brook in NB Canada.   Pam shares her Reiki story with us and how she finds herself sharing Reiki together with her Horses with her students that come to the farm for riding lessons.  Pam is a Reiki Master Teacher and has many opportunities to be part of the Magic on Hidden Brook Farm, join us for this interview:

In this Episode:

  • Pam is a Reiki Master Teacher, Master Horsewoman and an Animal Scientist
  • Being an Empath
  • Usui Reiki Master with William Rand at Stonehenge
  • 2015 Pam started with Holy Fire
  • Holy Fire Upgrade 2 Webinar
  • Reiki 1 Attunement for Animals
  • Reiki as a Tool for the Horses
  • How do Horses Share Energy with us?
  • A Message from the Animals on Healing
  • Lessons with the Horses
  • Stories of Healing with the Horses
  • How the Animals like Holy Fire Reiki
  • Holy Fire 2 Karuna Reiki Master Class
  • Essential Oil Blends

Contact Pam at Hidden Brook:

210 Upper Durham Road
Durham Bridge, NB Canada E6C 1C6
Phone: (506) 451-2274

About Pam:

Reiki Master:  In May of 2011 Pam was blessed to work with one of the most famous and respected Reiki Masters in the world (William Lee Rand) in Glastonbury, England and to receive her Reiki Master attunement in the inner circle of Stonehenge, becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher. Then in May 2013, she went to Glens Falls, NY to study with William Rand again.  This time, she studied an advanced form of Reiki developed by Mr. Rand known as Karuna Reiki and became a Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher.  And in May of 2015, she once again went to Glens Falls, NY, this time to study Holy Fire Karuna Reiki with William Rand.  She is simply blown away by the power and effectiveness of this new Holy Fire energy which has recently become known through William Rand.

She now gives Reiki treatments and teaches Reiki classes, both of which have a profound effect on people’s health and well being. And sensing a void, she began offering Reiki classes to children and performing Reiki attunements for animals as well. You can give Reiki treatments to animals, but with William’s guidance, we determined how to give animals the ability to run Reiki energy themselves with tremendous results for the animals involved.  In the 2013 fall issue of the Reiki Magazine, William asked Pam to write about her experience attuning animals, and her work became known around the world!  In fact, Pam and her horse Storm were thrilled to find themselves on the cover of the magazine!  Then in the fall of 2015, her article “Reiki Animals Part 1” was featured in the Reiki News Magazine.  And in the winter magazine, Part 2 will be featured.

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