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Special Guest Kathleen Rude Podcast September 24

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September 24, 2014 airing at 9:00 am Central Time

Be sure to tune in for our broadcast interview with special guest Kathleen Rude.  Kathleen just released her first fiction book titled The Redemption of Red Fire Woman, order your copy today:

Kathleen is a shamanic practitioner, specializing in soul retrieval, cord cutting, space clearing, spirit release and energy balancing. She works from the understanding that each  of us contains our own inner wisdom and cadre of helping spirits to help bring us back  into balance and health—physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through shamanic practices, she engages these guides and spirits to facilitate the healing process. She also helps clients develop a connection with their innate wisdom and their nature and spirit guides.

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A life-long environmentalist, Kathleen believes that our relationships to Nature and to Earth are vital to our personal health and the health of the planet. Through ceremony (sweat lodge, pipe, blessing circle, drumming), classes and individual sessions, Kathleen offers opportunities to connect to all of our relations, to Earth, to ancestors, to the Divine. She also facilitates workshops in sustainability, earth healing, The Work That Reconnects and The Council of All Beings. Kathleen is a member of The Work That Reconnects Facilitators Network and has been personally trained by Joanna Macy, the pioneer of this group process.  (www.joannamacy.net)

She is a pipe carrier and ceremonial leader, trained by North American elders of various traditions. She has also been in mentorship with Betsy Bergstrom (www.betsybergstrom.com). Kathleen began her shamanic training in 1998 and continues to learn from other practitioners, elders, and the spiritual and natural world.

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