08 Apr

RAL 006: Importance of Sacred Space and Rites of Passage with Sandy Crow

Podcast Episode 003-6In this podcast episode Reiki Answer Lady interviews Sandy Crow, Gypsy Medicine Woman, about the importance of Sacred Space and Rites of Passages.  Sandy Crow is a practitioner of Earth Magic and is a trained Ceremonial Priestess.

In this interview we talk about:

* Simple steps for Sacred Space

* Sacred Objects

* Treating Yourself as Divine

* Reiki Attunements as Rites of Passages

* Benefits of Reiki 1 Ceremony

* Spirit Tribe

More about Sandy Crow:

Sandy Crow, Spirit Tribe, “works with individuals and groups to provide sacred space and ceremony, rites of passage, spiritual healing and divination.”

Sandy Crow and her sister Sali Crow have an organization called Spirit Tribe.  Spirit Tribe offers healing, workshops, and networking opportunities.  Here are ways to find Sandy and Spirit Tribe.  We interviewed Sali Crow a few months ago, be sure to check out her interview too.




Spirit Tribes Mission:

Heal, Teach, Nurture, inspire and connect are the 5 pillars with which Spirit Tribe approaches change on a personal, local & global level. We believe that humanities greatest loss is a disconnect from self, community & earth. It is our goal to help you find your path & reconnect.


Psychic Readings
Spirit Communication
Sound Healing
Shamanic Healing
Grief Counseling
Personal Coaching

Divine Feminine/sacred sexuality
Betwixt & Between/Ancestor Honoring & Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication
Plant Medicine

2 year study programs-
Crow Path

Childrens programs-
Magickal Childhood
Magpie’s Maidens Mysteries

*Guest teachers and presenters from your back yard to around the world.

FREE- Nature based ceremonies & community building workshops

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