14 Apr

2 Important Parts of the Healing Session

2Important Parts of the Healing Session-2Do you struggle with bringing clients back for repeat sessions?  Here are two often over looked parts of the session that can make or break your repeat clients.

1.  Before the session – your first impression counts, from the first phone call or email to the time they spend in your waiting room if you have one.  There are professional applications you can use to book your appointments, collect money and manage feedback.  Spend time practicing your 90 second ‘what is Reiki’ speech and think about how your space will appear to a new client.

2.  After the session – use this time wisely!  You can educate the client about the benefit of coming back for more sessions.  The two of you can create an action plan.  You can schedule your next session before they leave.  This does not have to be a hard or soft sell time, more of a time to create a lasting relationship with your new client.  Too often I have left sessions wondering what my next steps should be.  Give your client home work.  Follow up with your new clients after a day or two.

New or repeat clients will be grateful for the extra time you spend with them.  I encourage my clients to call or email if they have questions.  I offer a bulk session package special, one that is used more often then not.

Have fun and keep up your own practice,

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