21 Jan

The Reiki Ideals: Your Guide for Everyday Bliss

The Reiki Ideals are meditation tools to use everyday for balance and peace.  Reiki is a beautiful practice and one that starts the practitioner out on a path of self healing and energetic awareness for ones own energy integrity.

Using the Reiki Ideals as part of a meditation practice can help you navigate the ups and downs of everyday life while nurturing your heart, mind, body and spirit.  Everyday Bliss is not about being extremely happy  but rather content in the now, at peace with your own true self in the moment.

The Reiki Ideals 

Just for Today

Do Not Anger

Do Not Worry

Be Filled with Gratitude

Devote Yourself to Your Work

Be Kind to All Beings

Lets talk about Anger first – sometimes anger can motivate you to make change, but sometimes anger lingers and comes at a great cost to your health and wellness.  Are you stewing or making changes?   Anger creates a vibration at odds with everyday bliss for sure.  Unless your anger is motivating you to make changes or take action, meditate on letting it go – often this is tied with themes of forgiveness and compassion.

Worry – what else can we really say about worry except that it is one of the most wasted thought forms and causes a great deal of vibrational damage on all of our systems.  Worry, unlike necessary thoughts like creating a grocery shopping list, changes nothing except your own vibration and not for the better.   Faith, acceptance, letting go and trust are all counter themes to worry.  If you find yourself in a worry loop, call on your compassionate guides and allies for help getting out of it.  Creating and nurturing your relationship with the larger whole will help to keep you from going back into a worry loop.

Be Filled with Gratitude – the key to manifesting the life you want is to pay attention when all those good changes come your way and expressing your gratitude.  For instance if you have been trying to manifest more money and someone buys you a cup of coffee, its working! Everyday bliss is not about that million dollars, its about recognizing all the beauty you are surrounded with and all the ways you are supported.  Practice gratitude in every moment.

Devote Yourself to Your Work – if you are washing the dishes or designing the next space shuttle, what you are doing at the moment is your work.  Do it well and with gratitude and this will lead you to Everyday Bliss.  ‘Work’ is yet another opportunity for mindful meditation.  Another opportunity to quiet your mind and bring all your parts together for one activity – your work.

Be Kind – seriously be kind; to yourself, your neighbor, the earth, all beings on this planet and all beings from other dimensions and worlds, universes. Let your kindness be filled with compassion.  Start with yourself and your light will shine, helping others find kindness and compassion.

Everyday Bliss is accessible, sometimes we just need to alter our expectations that our happiness is not always going to be UP but that UP is just as impermanent as DOWN.  Here now watching the snow fall softly outside my window I feel content, blessed, supported and loved. By myself and the universe.  Everyday regular old Bliss.

Many Bright Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

PS I meditate on the ideals first thing in the morning and throughout the day as needed, ending my day with a self treatment and reflection.

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