21 Apr

3 Ways Reiki Can Help You Let Go

3 WaysReiki Can Help You Let GoThis article is a continuation of one posted a few weeks ago, 3 Ways to Open Your Heart to Reiki http://reikianswerlady.com/3waystoopen/

The harder we struggle against the current the more we risk running into blockages.  Turning the ‘driving’ as it were over to Reiki can help you navigate obstacles with grace and ease.  Here are 3 Reiki practices that can help you learn to enjoy ‘letting go’

1.  Establishing your Personal Practice and sticking to it.  When you get your Reiki 1 Attunement and celebrate yourself and your connection to the light, you learn how to establish a daily spiritual practice.  Your own daily spiritual practices are going to influence you the most.  Start simple with Reiki 1 techniques: self treatments, meditating on the ideals, really get to know you and turn that into a daily celebration of your own divine nature.
2.  Nuture your relationship with your guides and allies.  Reiki 1 is all about you.  Reiki 2 has a theme of your connection with community.  Reiki 3 really opens up your channels of communication with your compassionate guides and allies.  If you have not had your Reiki 3 yet, you can absolutely nurture your connection to your guides and allies.  Talk to them, ask them for help or guidance.  The key here is learning to ‘listen’ for the answers and open to their guidance.  This is where meditation and personal practice come in to play.  Learning to set your ego aside so you can be open to recieve is a foundation Reiki 1 helps you create.  If you have had your Reiki 3, work using the master symbol into your daily practice.  The 3 pillars of Reiki are a meditation to help you clear your ego and establish a connection to the source of light.  Use this spiritual practice to create a gateway to your guides and allies.  I really recommend asking for a connection to Compassionate guides and allies, rather than run the risk of opening yourself up to false or misleading energetic beings or ancestors.
For more on Communicating with Spirits and Ancestors, check out my interview with Sali Crow on Spirit Communication
3.  Send light to any aspect of your life that you feel is constricted or blocked.  By sending light we are Not judging or fixing.  We are simply asking that the light help us heal and nurture that aspect of our lives.  Trying to fix or solve creates more burden.  When we step back and say “I give this up to the light” we are letting go of a source of stress.  There is guidance available in the light.  An ease of living that is inherent when you live Reiki.
Over the coming months I will be introducing new workshops.  They follow this theme of personal practice and integrating key Reiki principals and energy theories into our daily lives.  Stay tuned, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already.  I am also hoping to add some meditations, for instance the 3 Pillars, just to have some examples of what I mean by using that as a meditation.
If you have any input, ideas, questions and or you want to be interviewed on the podcast, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Many Bright Blessings,
Reiki Answer Lady
PS The idea for this theme of letting go was inspired by my yoga teacher (Deb, Carlsbad Village Yoga Co-op) who read a great poem about fish in a stream not hitting the rocks because they give over control to the current.  Sources of inspiration and divine insight are there when you open to receive.  Thank you Deb!

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