24 Jun

RAL 11: Chiropractic Care with Dr. Rich Protasiewicz

Podcast Episode 008-4In this episode of the Reiki Answer Lady Podcast we interview Dr. Rich Protasiewicz of A Healthy Perspective on Chiropractic Care.  Dr. Rich shares his unique insights into energy and our bodies potential optimal health.

In This Episode:

* Our Beautiful, Amazing Bodies

* Pain Syndrome

* Oscillation Theory

* Autonomic or Integration Problem

* Autism and Chricopractic Care

* Business and Marketing for Energy Professionals

* Serenity Bikes

* Sports Focus with Chiropractic Care

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More About Gravity Synergy and Dr. Sara and Dr. Rich:

Dr. Sara Mana is a graduate of Northwestern Health SciencesUniversity.  Dr. Mana has been in practice since 2004 and is the owner of A Healthy Perspective chiropractic clinic in Wauwatosa, WI.  Besides chiropractic services, she also treats via massage and powerplate training with her patients and clients.

Besides owning a business in Wauwatosa, Dr. Mana also resides here and enjoys the “Live Local” culture of the farmer’s market, restaurants and businesses within the Village of Tosa.

Mommyhood occupies much of Dr. Mana’s time.  She also enjoys gardening,  camping, and hiking to connect with nature.

“Dr. Rich” Protasiewicz, Jr., a native of Milwaukee, is a graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1994.  Dr. Rich’s first experiences in practice were unique for a chiropractor, because he worked in a medical facility-the Wisconsin Health Fund Medical Center-where he was the primary chiropractor for 8 ½ years and the Chiropractic Department Director for 3 years. 

Because of his desire to deliver the best care, Dr. Rich began his quest over 9 years ago to develop new protocols that would allow chiropractors to better help their patients. Today, Dr. Rich utilizes his hands on assessment protocols to care for his patients. Also, he applies a therapeutic taping technique he developed while testing his protocols at the medical center.  Dr. Rich’s other clinical passions include working with athletes, especially competitive cyclists, in the form of coaching, bike ergonomics, and eating programs. In addition, Dr. Rich is very involved with patient education with regards to nutrition and eating habits. His first book on nutritional eating habits is in the works as we speak.  

Besides working as a chiropractor, Dr. Rich has taken his knowledge of the human body’s mechanics and has created his own bicycle line.  Check out www.serenitybikes.com. 


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