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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?Reiki is a Japanese Energy Therapy that promotes relaxation in the body by channeling light from our natural source of energy.

In Japanese the word Reiki is a combination of images, called kanji, that have a special meaning or kotodama. There are special types of kotodama called jumon, or incantation, that can be chanted to bring extra energy to the meditation or healing. The Kanji of Reiki is composed of two distinct parts, the first can be broken down into Rei – Rain, Mouth and Shaman. The second part is Ki, Steam coming off Cooked Rice.

You often hear Reiki described as the “Secret Mystery” and “Universal Power or Energy” I like to think of it as a Healers connection to the Natural Source of Energy. In other words through teachings from a qualified teacher you learn to access and channel the energy of the universe for healing and balance.

What do I mean by Energy? All matter in our universe is made of waves and particles. All waves and particles are packets of energy. One of Einsteins insights is as follows

“A photon, a packet of electromagnetic energy, is a physical reality and its electromagnetic field thins out to zero at great distances away from the center of the vibration or source or center of the energy.” – Einstein

So energy is this photon or packet of electromagnetic energy. All the cells in our body give off electromagnetic energy. Inside of all of our DNA strands are packets of Light. All of our energy, or photons, interact with the universe thinning out to Zero.

Zero as it turns out is also a field, A Zero Point Field, which is not a vacuum but rather an always active source of energy with particles popping into and out of existence. So our packets of energy flow away from us out into the universe becoming part of this Zero Point Field and back to us.

Reiki is an inherent natural part of  this source of Energy. We give light to the universe and we learn how to be a channel for light back to ourselves.

Reiki is so inherently simple in its nature but so powerful and transformative in its ability to bring change and healing to the body, heart, mind and spirit.

Many Light Blessings,

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