21 Oct

Reiki is all Light but Beware the Scammer

Reiki is All Light Beware the ScammerWow, Reiki is all Light but Beware the Scammer.

This is a special blog post based on an experience I had this past weekend.  As it relates specifically to my Reiki business I thought I would share with you.

I get new client referrals all the time so when I was contacted by a new potential client I thought nothing of it.  This new contact happened to mention that they were under going treatment for lung cancer and since I also work out of a cancer center I thought they probably got my contact info from the center.

We went back and forth a few times talking specifics; for how many people, what days and times would work, pricing and so on.  Turns out it was for 5 people and needed to be done during the weekend/early part of the week.

So I altered my calendar and planned for a larger number of 90 minute sessions in a row.  Until they asked for a favor.

The second I saw that word favor I had a sinking feeling.   Here it comes in the next email, detailed information about the favor.  They wanted me to charge their credit card for almost $1400 more then the already pricey package of sessions, of which I could keep an extra $85 for my trouble.  I was then supposed to give this amount to the ‘driver’ in the form of a money gram.

Now I am not in the habit of assuming people are trying to scam me.  I wouldn’t think anyone in the holistic healing fields would be.  So when I saw that detailed email I knew in my heart this person had probably stolen someone else’s credit card and was trying to use me to get access to the money.

I decided in the end that I needed to file a police report.  I also alerted other practitioners in the area to the scam and shared the persons name (probably fake) just so they could be on the look out.

It sure was an interesting decision on the part of the scammer and made for some interesting discussions with my colleagues.

Always remember to trust your gut.

All in Light,

Reiki Answer Lady



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