19 Nov

RAL 003: Spirit Communication and Healing with Sali Crow, Natural Psychic Medium

Podcast Episode 003

In this podcast interview we talk to Sali Crow, Natural Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher and Druid.  We explore the realms of spirit, healing and past life memories.  Sali shares her philosophy on the healing story as well as stories about her childhood growing up in a psychic family for whom spirit communication was part of everyday life.

In this episode we explore:

* Being raised by a gifted family

* Past Life Memories

* Psychic versus Mediumship

* Choosing Allies in the Healing Room

* Sharing Information with Clients

As well as a whole lot more great information on Spirit Communication and Healing!

More about Sali:

Sali is a Natural Psychic and Medium who has been aware of her gifts since childhood. She specializes in Spirit Communication & Divination. She has worked as a “Seer” for over 20 years using the Tarot and Runes as her tools. With her ability to divine the future and revisit the past she advices her clients. As a Medium she helps people to connect with their loved ones who have passed, as well as make connections with the guiding spirits who watch over them. Her gift of knowing also aids her work as an Intuitive Healer. She is a Reiki Master in 6 schools of Reiki, a Rune Valdr practioner and a Sound Healer.

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