29 Mar

RAL 027: PureBioenergy with Zoran Hochstatter

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PureBioenergy and Reiki have many similarities but the differences set PureBioenergy apart, please join us Zoran Hochstatter, the official teacher of PureBioenergy shares information about his bioenergy therapy.  Bioenergy is the life sustaining energy of the Universe.  PureBioenergy is a gentle, all natural, approach to bringing our biofields into balance to translate health to our physical bodies.  PureBioenergy is a therapy that everyBody has the ability to access.

In this Episode:

  • everyBody’s energy; Ki, Chi, Prana, Nature, Bioenergy, Zero Point Field
  • PureBioenergy’s purity approach
  • Health is our Natural State of Being
  • Holding Client in Wholeness
  • Inner Healer
  • Group Healing and Individual
  • 4 Days of Healing, 15 mins to 1 hour session
  • Distance Healing
  • Energy Flow, Protection for the Healer
  • Respecting the Energy
  • Levels for Training
  • Psychokinesis
  • Hands on Treatment
  • BioEnergy Life Center
  • Think About It – Documentary

Contact Zoran:

+ (1) 310.601.8414 (for bio energy healing training seminars)
+ (1) 941.447.7147 (for therapy)

Website: Contact Form

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bioenergy

Upcoming Events: http://www.bioenergylifecenter.com/find-an-event

More About Zoran:

A specialist in bioenergy therapy, Zoran is the official teacher of PureBioenergy, a powerful way of energy healing without any cultural, political, religious, ritualistic or medical additives.

Since 2007 Zoran has taught hundreds in Bioenergy Healing seminars in the USA, Canada, UK and is founder of the Bioenergy Life Center.

Zoran offers all the levels of practical training to become a certified PureBioenergy practitioner.

As a highly experienced Bioenergy therapist, Zoran helps people around the world by giving in person, long distance therapy or through his Bioenergy Life Center Group healing events.

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