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New Podcast Release:

Reiki and Horses with Pam Allen-LeBlanc

Archived Podcast Interviews with:

*Organic Skin Care with Isvara Organics creator Elizabeth Alvillar

*Active Hope with Kathleen Rude of Gaia Wisdom

*Access Your Body Wisdom with Rachel Goldberg

*Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with Leslie Deems 

*Reiki Conversation with Frans Stiene about Toning Mantras

*Magical Living and Holistic Energy Magic with Tess Whitehurst

*Sacred Music and Kirtan with Ragani

*Creating and Sustaining a Thriving Reiki Practice with Deb Karpek

*Reiki and Empaths with Yolanda Williams of Yew Chi Wellness

*A Reiki Story about Mrs. Takata with Susan Mitchell

*Healing Ancestral Karma with Dr. Steven Farmer

*Crystals and Reiki with Ashley Leavy

*Discernment in the Healing Room with Patricia Williams

*Reiki, Medicine and Self Care with Pamela Miles

*Reiki Symbols with Sali Crow

*PureBioenergy with Zoran Hochstatter

*Official EFT and Optimal EFT with founder Gary Craig

*Feng Shui with Tera Lane

*Wise Woman Tradition with Susun Weed

*Yggdrasil Retreat’s Mentor Program

*Merry Street a Diva of Divination

*Resources for Reiki Professionals with William Lee Rand

* Healing Touch Program with Cynthia Hutchison

Evolution of Reiki with Deb Karpek

*Tera Mai Holy Flames with Kathleen Milner

Shakti Talk! with Susan Wasserman

Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Debra Muth, ND

Tera Mai Healing with Kathleen Milner

*Animal Communication with Asia Voight

*  Understanding How Animals Think and Feel with Dr. Gay Bradshaw

Solar Consciousness with Peg Myota

*  Chiropractic Care with Dr. Rich

*  Andrea Beaman on the New Healers Master Coaching Series

* Sara Joy on the new healing modality Crystalline Harmonics

*  Amy Beyer of Natural Balance Therapy on Myofascial Release.  

Sandy Crow on the Importance of Sacred Space and Rites of Passages

Kathleen Rude on Shamanic Practices

Genevieve Vierling on Astrology

Sali Crow on Spirit Communication and Healing

Kathleen Prasad on Animal Reiki

Melanie Landgraf on Yoga and Healing

About Our Podcast

Our Podcast explores the magical world of Holistic Therapies and how integrating those therapies and networking in your communities will be of benefit to your business and your healing path.

Each podcast page will include links and other information shared during the podcast so you can feel comfortable sitting back and enjoying the interview without worrying about missing crucial data.

If you have a question about something you heard during the podcast, please be sure to reference the podcast when you submit your question. Is there a particular therapy you are really curious about? Let us know and we will find someone to tell us all more about it and how integrating that therapy can help us and our businesses grow.

Is your business a fit for our Podcast? Please be sure to send a description and contact information when you contact us, we would love to interview you!

We hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we have enjoyed interviewing these amazing practitioners.