12 Feb

3 Reasons Your Personal Meditation Practice is Important

3 ReasonsYourMeditation Practice isThere are many reasons a personal meditation practice is important for your own health and well being, but when you practice Reiki as a profession it is even more important.

1.  Each session requires that you set aside your own ego and open yourself fully to being a vessel for the light.  It is through meditation that you learn the voice of your ego and learn how to set it aside when needed.

2.  Each session is an hour long meditation, or longer.  If you do not practice meditation on your own, how are you going to quiet your mind for a full session? Everyday practice is mandatory for a spiritual practice like Reiki.

3.  In order to be open to ‘hear’ your clients cues, from their heart, mind, body and true self, you need to be able to quiet your own energy.  You might also want to take guidance from your clients compassionate guides and allies.  In order to properly communicate with the energies around you, you need to be open to listen.

If you are thinking about your grocery list or anything beyond the Reiki session, you are missing valuable information your clients body is communicating with you.  You are also projecting that energy into the session.  Clearly being open for a whole session requires practice and as we learn in Reiki 1, you should practice everyday.

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