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Having Compassion starts with yourself, 3 easy steps to nurture compassion

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Having Compassion starts with yourself, 3 easy steps to nurture compassion

I see a fair amount of clients who are not happy with the every day direction of their lives.  The one consistent similarity is their lack of compassion for their own self.

Our words, thoughts and feelings all create energetic vibrations that travel out into the universe.  In fact these waves and particles travel infinitely to the zero point.  The zero point is our collective experience.

Gratitude, Forgiveness, Hope, Unconditional Love – these are all themes of compassion.  Here are 3 easy steps to nurturing compassion for yourself.

  1. Pay close attention to the words you use to describe yourself.  Our society values self deprecating humor, but it does create a vibration that may be attracting undesirable consequences.  Use words with care.  Describe yourself with love.  Please be very aware of how you use words to describe others, another strangely valued practice is gossip. Often gossip is very detrimental and my guess is we would be embarrassed if the other party could over hear what we are saying.  Be kind.
  2. Learn to recognize lower level thought patterns and work with yourself to redirect your imagination.  Our brains are fantastic synthesizers of information and imaginings.  In fact our thought process relies on our imagination to create processes.  What will we wear today, eat today, and do today?  These are examples of practical thought that our brain has created possible processes for.  “if I wear these pants I want to wear these boots”  How many times during this process were you self deprecating?  Some of these thought patterns were created in childhood (I know for me I picked up patterns from listening to my mother) and others from feedback we have received from society.  The second those patterns start to create feelings of unease or sadness, stop and say “wait a minute brain, we are on the same side”  If these patterns are too much for you by yourself, I recommend seeking a Core Shamanic practitioner and ask for a thought form unraveling session.
  3. Practice gratitude.  Every moment you are drawing breath as a human on this planet is an opportunity for gratitude.  “I am grateful for co-creating life on this planet with my breath” “I am grateful for my relationship with Air and the gifts Air brings into my life” “I am grateful for my belly that it draws Air into my lungs” and so on.  Endless opportunities to practice gratitude.  If you are paying attention, I promise you good things are coming to you.

Reiki is a fantastic therapy to support you on your healing path.  Your body needs the opportunity to be relaxed to be part of the healing process.  Let yourself be nurtured and supported.  Be kind, starting with yourself.

Lots of Love,

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