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What does it mean if my clients hands feel heavy during Reiki?

ON NOWWhat does it mean if my clients hands feel heavy during Reiki?

This is a really interesting question and just like other interesting questions can have multiple answers.  Lots of times the focus of energy in the physical fields during a client session can be directly attributed to what is happening in their life.  For instance hands, we build things with our hands, we create, we destroy. But what if you felt that your power was taken away from you by a decision someone else made?  You might feel like all that you built was breaking, crumbling, or maybe it was very heavy.  

But our hands are also tied to our Chakras, namely our Root Chakra, our Heart Chakra and of course our Crown Chakra.  So our hands are tied to how Strong and Grounded, Supported we feel from the Earth and how Connected and Supported we feel from the Universe.  How much love and compassion do you have for yourself?  Again if you feel shaky or unstable, maybe even upset with yourself, you could manifest a physical attribute in your hands.

Our Heart, Lung, Triple Warmer, Pericardium, and Small and Large Intestine Meridians run through our arms too, with each one terminating at a finger tip. Small Intestine is on top of your pinky, Triple Warmer on top of your ring finger, Large Intestine is on top of your pointer finger, Lung is on the underside of your thumb, and Pericardium is on the underside of your middle finger.  Your Heart terminates on the underside of your ring finger.  There are so many connections and information found in the meridians that are too long for this blog post, but worth the research for sure. It follows that any blockages in the flow of chi in the hands could be connected to those meridians.  Each major meridian has points that represent the five elements.  You could also look to your over all connection with the five elements to see if those are impacting the attributes of energy in your hands on a physical level during a Reiki session.

Looking for emotional correspondences with your hands could lead you to ask yourself how are you ‘handling’ your experiences. Heavy handed is an expression of one who is not ‘handling’ their experience with grace.  Maybe quick to judge, harsh sentences.

Our hands hold, caress, show care, build and tear down, destroy, tear and rip and so on.  So if your clients hands are heavy, maybe start first with asking: ‘what are you caring for?’ ‘are you creating, destroying?’ ‘How are you handling your experiences?’ and so on.

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