20 May

RAL 008: Life Coaching with Jill Baake


Podcast Episode 008In this episode of the Reiki Answer Lady podcast we meet with special guest Jill Baake, Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer, Author and Owner of a Wellness Center.  We delve into Energy Bubbles, Personal Energy Integrity, Life Coaching and so much more!

In this episode:

* Energy Bubbles

* Personal Energy Integrity

* Compassion

* Vision Point Coaching

* Life Coaching

* Life Coach Training

* Hiring Jill for Speaking Engagements and Workshops

* Training in Florida and Milwaukee

* I Love Me Mom – A Guilt Free Guide to Honoring Yourself and Empowering Your Kids – Purchase Book Here

* The Atrium Wellness Center – http://www.atriumcommunity.com

To Contact Jill:

Phone:  414-858-0262

Email: jill@visionpointcoaching.net

Website:  http://www.visionpointcoaching.net
More About Jill and Vision Point Coaching:

Vision Point Coaching is Dedicated to Helping You:

  • Reach your highest potential
  • Enjoy your life and have more fun
  • Release fear, resistance and self-abusive thoughts/behaviors
  • Identify and utilize your unique gifts and talents

Jill works with individual clients wishing to focus on building confidence, trusting themselves and their decisions, examining spirituality, and making positive changes in their lives.  She has worked with clients ages 8-72 and believes that coaching can benefit anyone that is ready to take responsibility and powerful action steps in their lives.  Jill also works with couples, families and groups.

In addition to individual coaching, Jill trains others is the empowering art of life coaching.  Intensive life coaching certification classes are held several times throughout the year.

Jill also enjoys sharing coaching in corporate environments.  Whether it’s a “lunch and learn” or employee workshop or an intensive communication training, Jill delivers an energetic and insightful presentation that will create immediate shifts in your organization.
Jill’s Favorite Clients:  Entrepreneurs, coaches, moms, risk-takers, thinkers, leaders, people in transition (job, divorce, relocation), seekers

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