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How do I know what information to share with my Reiki client?

COFFEEHow do I know what information to share with my client?

Do you frequently receive information from your clients guides or allies? Do you receive information from your clients physical systems, their heart, their mind and their spirit that impacts their current health or manifesting goals?

If you are coming to Reiki via an inherent intuitive healing path, you have probably already learned that your words have significant impact.  I remember once when I was in 5th grade I shared information with my teachers that was something I learned from their private thoughts, boy were they upset!  I learned a valuable lesson; sometimes just because you know, heard or intuited information, doesn’t mean those around you want to, or even can, hear it.

Unless you are a licensed doctor or registered nurse you are not qualified to give medical advice. In fact you should have this declaration as part of your agreement with your client. Bottom line: encourage your clients to maintain a relationship with a qualified medical professional.

If you receive information about a physical system, either directly from the system itself, or from a meridian or chakra, then I recommend asking that clients compassionate allies how to talk about your findings. Your allies and your clients allies will have a message that contains the best healing story for your clients healing path. If your ego is trying to be part of this conversation then you will be tempted to say “I saw, You Need, I want…” take the time during your personal mediations to learn the voice of your ego.

If you are not a licensed mental health professional than again you are not qualified to give mental health advice. This is why I have mental health professionals in my networking group. You can listen, you can offer a nurturing Reiki session, but be very sensitive to the impact of your words. I guarantee your clients are listening to every word you say. When I have intuited in a session that my client is going through a very rough time, I tell them that Reiki can support them on their healing journey and that Reiki is a perfect compliment to therapy sessions with a qualified professional. I also let them know I have an extensive network if they are not already working with someone.

I try to use positive healing words when describing chakras. The really exciting aspect of energy work is we are all unique, our energy patterns are no different. I stay away from words like broken, spinning in the wrong direction, compromised or I ‘fixed’ or ‘repaired’ it, anything that implies something is inherently wrong with the client. Instead I suggest using growth words like activated or this is an opportunity for healing.

As an example a client is in the middle of a break up.  Are you going to find their heart chakra tender, sluggish, or less of a flower shape or really buzzing and active? Yes, probably.  So if they ask I say “given what we your going through it makes sense that your heart chakra needs you to have lots of compassion for yourself”  or “given what your going through this is a great opportunity for growth and healing”

I have personally had sessions where instead of exploring what might be happening in my life and presenting me with a healing story, I have been told that the practitioner ‘fixed’ my heart chakra and I should be all better now. Please try and resist an ego response of this magnitude.  Remember that your client (all the parts of them: heart, mind, spirit and body) is the one doing the healing.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the Healing Story you tell your client. By working with your guides and allies and your clients allies, you will have removed your ego from the conversation, focusing instead on the best story to tell your client on their healing journey.

One last word about Reiki.  Your Reiki session should be about relaxation and nurturing. Readings, Chakras, Meridians, Tree of Life Spheres and so on are not part of the fundamentals of Reiki. I encourage you to separate out those components during a session. I have mine as extra services clients can add on to their nurturing Reiki session.

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