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7 Ways to keep your Reiki clients coming back

7 Ways to keep your Reiki clients coming back!

So by now you’ve set up your healing space and are bringing in new clients. How do you turn your new clients into regular clients? Here are 7 simple strategies.

1) Always give the best session you can. Take the time to listen to your client’s needs, help them set their intention for the session and give them a full nurturing session.  Be sure you are up front with them about what to expect. If you want to give a 50 minute session don’t say it’s an hour. If you are counting your “talking time” as part of your Reiki session make sure you tell them.  Hint – Nothing is as blissful as a full 60 minute Reiki session.

2) Create safe, sacred space that your client will want to come back to again and again. When clients come into your space you want them to be able to tell that your space is different from ordinary space. Your healing space is a place they can go to feel safe and nurtured. You want them to look forward to coming back to see you.

3) Collect their contact information with your client release form and ask them if they want to receive your email newsletter.  Send out regular emails with information about applicable services in town or events or workshops, remember your networking agreements if you have any. You also want to share any open appointments you have or any specials or workshops you are having.

4) Be well prepared ahead of time to share your pricing policies. Do your research on what will be supported in your area. I find it helps to have a bulk package discount for clients that want to come back in right away. Find a price that you will be comfortable sharing with clients and one that is fair to the area.

5) I use a client wellness tracking process called energy mapping. You can use something similar by taking notes so that over time you and your client can map out noticeable results. My clients and I create a plan up front for their health journey and discuss limitations of Reiki if applicable. Thankfully I have an extensive network of other professionals in the area and can share contact information before they leave if they need help in designing a Total Health Team.

6) Have your calendar accessible no matter where you are. For that I use my iphone. Before my client leaves I ask them if they want to schedule their next session. If we are working off of a plan we created it is helpful to recommend a frequency for sessions.

7) If you haven’t heard from or seen a client in awhile, pick up the phone and let them know you are thinking about them.  Check in with clients a day or two after you have met with them for the first time and see how they are feeling following their first session.  Send clients cards for significant events in their lives. Consider offering special deals to regular clients. Be flexible, we all live busy lives.  If you can’t remember important information update your client records after they leave and read your notes before they come in the next time.

Creating a relationship with your clients builds community.

Many Blessings,

The Reiki Answer Lady

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