04 Dec

RAL 020: Healing Touch Program with Cynthia Hutchison

Reiki Answer Lady Podcast Healing Touch Program

Join us for a conversation with the Director of the Healing Touch Program.  Healing Touch Program is an Energy Healing Therapy where practitioners consciously use their hands and heart in a heart centered and intentional way to support, enhance and facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and self healing.  Healing Touch Program has National Accreditations with the ANCC and NCCA.

In this Episode we talk about:

  • Ten Step Sequence
  • Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice
  • Levels of Healing Touch Program
  • History of Healing Touch Program
  • National Accreditations with ANCC and NCCA,
  • Worldwide Healing Touch Program
  • Therapeutic Touch and Dolores Krieger
  • Healing Touch Program and Outreach to Allopathic Medicine Professionals
  • Self Care

Healing Touch Program Website: http://www.healingtouchprogram.com

American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC): http://www.nursecredentialing.org

National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA): http://www.credentialingexcellence.org/ncca

Body Prayer Videos:


Contact Information for Cynthia:

Boulder Healing Touch:  http://boulderhealingtouch.com

Phone inquiries during daytime business hours only
(9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Mountain Time):
Monday-Friday: (303) 440-9181

Inquiries about Cynthia’s classes:
Contact Kenneth Goff, mioperspective@gmail.com or call (619) 540-0870

More About Cynthia:

In the early 1980s, Cynthia began studying holistic healing, natural healing and energy therapies, with ten years of practicingTherapeutic Touch before discovering Healing Touch in 1992. She is an avid student of spirituality and energy medicine. A doctorally-prepared nurse from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. (1987), Cynthia is also knowledgeable in the mainstream health sciences. Cynthia earned a master’s degree as a clinical specialist in mental health nursing, and has maintained a private practice in Healing Touch for many years. In 1995, Cynthia initiated the research program for Healing Touch and became the first Director of Research, a position she maintained until 2000. She was invited by Janet Mentgen (founder of HT) in 2003 to serve as the Assistant Program Director. Cynthia became the Program Director in May of 2005 (several months before Janet’s death), and was asked by Janet to carry on her legacy of the Healing Touch Program. Teaching internationally and nationally all levels of HTP curriculum, she brings much enthusiasm, empowerment and creativity to her classes. A mother of three Waldorf-educated grown daughters, Cynthia has lived in Boulder, Colorado since 1993.

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