12 Nov

5 Ways to use the Distance Symbol for Healing

5Reiki is an amazing complimentary therapy, so nurturing!  The distance symbol is a powerful tool and one I use personally in my own healing and professionally with my clients.

There are many ways to use the distance symbol, here are my favorite 5:

1. Connecting with a client or energy from a distance.  The distance symbol creates a bridge across no time/no space.

2.  Healing a relationship. You can use the distance symbol to heal a hurt relationship by laying out pictures of you and the other person (if you don’t have a picture, write their name on a piece of paper) and use the distance healing to connect to your relationship energy and send light to your relationship.  If you had a particular argument with that person, send the light to that argument.

** Remember Free Will: the light is not being sent to ‘change’ anything or anyone, the light is being sent to ease healing in your relationship. You do not need to decide what that healing might look like, just be open to the possibility that change and healing can happen.**

3. Healing a Past Life.  You can use the distance healing to connect with your past life and send healing light to that time.  Just like the healing light you would send to another person or to a relationship you can also send light to that lifetime and the person or being you were at that time.  Again Remember Free Will.

4. Healing your ancestors.  You can use the distance symbol to heal your ancestors the same way you use it to send healing to another person.  We all have trauma in our ancestral lineages and this healing may take awhile. Healing your ancestors can bring forth many gifts that many have been held back over time to you and your family going forward. If you have pictures or know of specific events, focus on those. If you don’t know just ask the light to go towards healing for either line in your family.

5.  Healing your child self.  If there are specific events or traumas in your childhood, place pictures of yourself at those times on your altar and use the distance symbol to send light for healing. If you don’t have a picture, just imagine yourself at those ages and use the distance symbol to connect that way. Imagine you are holding yourself in the light as you would any of your clients or family members.

Bonus! Healing for our beloved Mother Earth.  Using the distance healing, send light to all the beings on our beloved planet for peace and freedom.

Have fun working with the distance symbol. Opening and allowing for healing change can be very freeing if you can set your ego aside and just send light.  Trying to define the outcome of healing drains your life force energy and can have an undesired impact on the life force energy of the other person you are trying to send light to.

Many Blessings!

Reiki Answer Lady

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