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Gassho A Gratitude Mudra

Gassho A Gratitude MudraOne of the first things we teach our students in Reiki 1 is Gassho, bringing your palms together in front of your heart.  Gassho is also the First Pillar in the 3 Pillars that you learn in Reiki 2.  Gassho is a variation of the Gratitude Mudra.

When we call in the light and offer ourselves as vessels, setting aside your ego and just being; that is the feeling of gratitude.  Gratitude does not need a specific item or situation, gratitude is its own balm.

Try this simple yet profound exercise:  Put your hands in Gassho position and just think or say to yourself “I am Grateful”  Try this anytime you are feeling sad, stressed, in pain, and so on.  Try this when you are happy.  Practice this at stop lights and before going into crowded places.  This sequence of bringing your palms together and saying the words “I am Grateful” floods your body and aura with light.

If you want to take your Gassho practice to the next level, bring your awareness to your fingertips touching.  Let your hands loosen so only your fingertips are touching.  Each finger tip represents an element: Thumb=Fire, Index Finger=Air, Middle Finger=Space, Ring Finger=Earth and Pinky Finger=Water.  When you bring your awareness to each finger tip, say “I am Grateful for Air” etc.

Every Morning and Evening, Bring your hands into Gassho with Gratitude.

Many Bright Blessings,

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