11 Sep

I felt a Tug on my hair during a memorial for my friend

I felt a Tug on my hair, spirit maybe?-2Good Morning Reiki Practitioners,

My client called me and asked if I thought the tug she felt on her hair during a memorial for her friend could have been her friend coming through.

Have you experienced this during a Reiki session?  I know I have.  So when my client called last night to ask me if I thought it could be her friend touching her hair, I said yes!

Often during sessions the compassionate ancestors of my clients come through and exhibit characteristics that they would have during their life on this planet. So if they liked to touch people, putting their hands on your shoulders for instance or touching your hair, then chances are this is how they will act as compassionate ancestors.

I know my client had wanted to see her friend while she was sick but it had been her friends wish that she spend her last moments only with immediate family.  My client is sensitive so I know this was her friend reaching out and telling her she knew that she was there and was grateful.

Validation from you as a practitioner is important, often my clients do not have anyone else to go to talk about spirits, guides and other energy related experiences.

Another question I get asked is “what can I do if I do not want to be touched or talked to by spirits?”  – keep an eye out for that post soon, right now I have to go get ready for my client.

Many Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

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