05 Nov

Would my dogs like Reiki?

Animals Love ReikiWould my dogs like Reiki?

My client at the cancer center said her Reiki session made her the most relaxed she’s been in a long time.  She then asked if her dogs would benefit from a Reiki session.  Yes!  Animals love Reiki.  But just like people you need to ask permission first.

For my animal clients I connect to them either before I see them or when they first get to my healing space (or if I am going to their house when I first get to their place) and ask them if they are interested.  Some of my clients hop all over the room the whole time and others lie down on a blanket I provide.

The really important part about working with animals is to respect their wishes.  Animals have free will too.  And to be extra respectful of their human friends.  Just like a Reiki session with a human, be mindful of what information you share with their humans.  I also pay special attention to what the animals guides want me to share or where they want me to place my hands to send light.

Animal Reiki is really rewarding and could be a great fit for your practice.  I do let most animals come to my healing space, cats I like to visit at their home.  I use blankets that are comfortable for the animal and that I can wash right away.

Good luck and have fun with your animal friends.

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