24 May

RAL 031: Reiki and Crystals with Ashley Leavy of Love and Light Healing School

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Do you have crystals in the healing space but are not sure of how to incorporate them into your healing sessions?  Then this podcast is for you!  Join Carmen from Reiki Answer Lady as she has a conversation with Ashley Leavy of Love and Light Healing School about Reiki and Crystals.  Have a listen and find out what Crystal Reiki is all about.  Ashley shares some very easy to follow tips and pointers for using crystals in the healing space, including guidance for a Crystal Grid for Reiki Professionals.

In this episode:

  • Ashley’s story
  • Crystal Healing Certification
  • Continuing Education Credits through Love and Logic
  • Crystal Reiki Program
  • Sacred Stone Grid Program
  • Apophyllite
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Selenite
  • Quartz Wand uses in Reiki session
  • Program Stones
  • Reiki Symbols with Crystals
  • Listen to Inner Guidance with Crystals
  • Beginners Kit
  • Rough versus Tumbled Stones
  • Distance Healing Grid for Reiki Professionals

To Contact Ashley:

Love & Light School of Energy Medicine
Email: ashley@loveandlighthealingschool.com
Phone: (630) 254-4685

Mimosa Storefront:
Address: 260 West Gilman Street
Madison, WI 53703

Mimosa Online Store – http://mimosaspirit.com/product-category/crystals-2/

Love and Light School – https://loveandlighthealingschool.com/shop/

More About Ashley:

Crystal Healing Instructor, Founder, & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Energy Medicine

JSchleis-46Ashley Leavy is a crystal healing instructor for the Love & Light School of Energy Medicine, as well as the Founder & Educational Director. She provides online crystal healing classes for heart-centered healers and spiritual entrepreneurs who want to create a life and sacred business aligned with their heart and soul.  Ashley’s creative spirit and extensive crystal healing training, in addition to her experiences a crystal healer and business owner, have her in her role as Educational Director.

Teaching others about crystals is Ashley’s passion and her purpose. She enjoys sharing with and learning from her many students, creating fun and informative blog posts and videos for the school, and getting the word out about the healing energy of crystals. She loves helping alternative practitioners learn great techniques for self-healing and care, how to be of service to others, and how to diversify their healing arts practice and embrace energy work as an alternative career path. Ashley enjoys working with heart-centered, dedicated students who are serious about using crystals to make big changes in their own lives (and in the lives of others). It is her goal to help like-minded people move into an alternative career, so that they can increase their income while living a life that is in harmony with their spiritual path.

A Note From Carmen:

During this show with Ashley she mentioned something really cool I could do with my crystals, here is a before and after photo of my crystal altar behind my healing table.  I did use the stones to make the Reiki Symbols too and kept that for a few days but then I was called to just have fun with it.  Enjoy, I hope you have fun listening to the show and have fun with your crystals!

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