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07 Mar

RAL 044: Love and Light School’s Crystal Healing Certification with Ashley Leavy

Join me for a quick conversation with Ashley Leavy the founder of Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy’s Crystal Healing Certification Program.  In this episode Ashley shares some of her ideas for using Crystal energy in connecting to the earth for grounding and recharging after winter.

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Introducing the Love & Light School’s Crystal Healing Certification Program

The Crystal Healing Certification Program is an online training program (with an optional Spiritual Business Bootcamp addition), designed to help you:

– Get trained and certified as a crystal healer
– Learn everything you want to know about crystals – how to balance the chakra system with gemstones, how to clear and release energy blocks from within the emotional body, how to build powerful crystal grids and mandalas & much more…
– Create a business plan and launch your dream career
-Learn the basics of spiritual networking (including how to nurture relationships to get repeat clients and new client referrals!)
-Connect with our amazing global community of heart-centered healers and spiritual entrepreneurs
-Gain the confidence to leave your job (if you desire) and design a thriving business you love

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– Healing yourself and others with the power of crystal therapy
– Living with passion, purpose, and joy because you’re spending your days doing what your soul has called you to do
– Connecting with a supportive network of other crystal enthusiasts & spiritual entrepreneurs who inspire and encourage each other
– Having a thriving business that practically builds itself (through referrals from delighted clients)
– Using your intuitive healing skills to create advanced crystal layouts
– Being your own boss and master of your own destiny… enjoying the freedom you’ve always wanted
– Knowing how to properly protect, ground and center yourself while working with crystals
– Making a difference in the lives of people you ENJOY serving
– Feeling more motivated than ever to get to work in your sacred business
– Finally receiving the abundance and prosperity you deserve

This is ALL possible for you when you say “yes” to becoming a Certified Crystal Healer. 

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