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09 Dec

3 Essential Practices for a Successful Reiki Business

3EssentialPracticesFor YourReikiBusinessThere is a great deal of freedom and in fact encouragement to create your own Reiki style and practice – ideally in a way that honors your true authentic self.  That said there are 3 main practices that you do want to incorporate in your practice and your life to have a successful Reiki business.

1.  Practice Reiki 1 Everyday – Reiki is a spiritual practice and the foundation is set during your Reiki 1 attunement and practice.  The Reiki ideals are the guiding principals for your own energetic integrity and your personal Reiki healing practice will help you during your meditations and your own healing journey.

2.  Bringing Compassion into Your Community Interactions – all matter and all life on this planet is made of energy and as a Reiki Practitioner you are a channel for the light and compassion that is needed when working with energy in and out of your healing space.  Bring your mindfulness to the forefront when creating relationships in your community.

3. Energy Follows Intention – remember that your energy integrity is the only energy that is really in your own control – while you are only holding space for your clients, you are doing the work for yourself when it comes to healing and growing.  Is your energy a beacon for peace and freedom?  Are your thoughts contributing to the world you wish to see?

I am often asked “how long will it take for me to be able to practice?” The answer “depends on how much work you put into your own practice”  Bottom line your personal practice will dictate your growth opportunities in the world of Reiki.

Many Blessings

Reiki Answer Lady

03 Dec

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?Reiki is a Japanese Energy Therapy that promotes relaxation in the body by channeling light from our natural source of energy.

In Japanese the word Reiki is a combination of images, called kanji, that have a special meaning or kotodama. There are special types of kotodama called jumon, or incantation, that can be chanted to bring extra energy to the meditation or healing. The Kanji of Reiki is composed of two distinct parts, the first can be broken down into Rei – Rain, Mouth and Shaman. The second part is Ki, Steam coming off Cooked Rice.

You often hear Reiki described as the “Secret Mystery” and “Universal Power or Energy” I like to think of it as a Healers connection to the Natural Source of Energy. In other words through teachings from a qualified teacher you learn to access and channel the energy of the universe for healing and balance.

What do I mean by Energy? All matter in our universe is made of waves and particles. All waves and particles are packets of energy. One of Einsteins insights is as follows

“A photon, a packet of electromagnetic energy, is a physical reality and its electromagnetic field thins out to zero at great distances away from the center of the vibration or source or center of the energy.” – Einstein

So energy is this photon or packet of electromagnetic energy. All the cells in our body give off electromagnetic energy. Inside of all of our DNA strands are packets of Light. All of our energy, or photons, interact with the universe thinning out to Zero.

Zero as it turns out is also a field, A Zero Point Field, which is not a vacuum but rather an always active source of energy with particles popping into and out of existence. So our packets of energy flow away from us out into the universe becoming part of this Zero Point Field and back to us.

Reiki is an inherent natural part of  this source of Energy. We give light to the universe and we learn how to be a channel for light back to ourselves.

Reiki is so inherently simple in its nature but so powerful and transformative in its ability to bring change and healing to the body, heart, mind and spirit.

Many Light Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

18 Nov

5 Hidden Sources of Energy Impacting Your Health

5-2My client asked me about all the ways their energy is impacted by the world around us.  I realized as we were discussing the nature of energy and sources that some of these may be unknown and seem hidden.

We are energetic beings in an energetic world and we continuously create connections with the world around us. Some of these connections are uplifting and some are draining.  It is our right and responsibility to maintain our own energetic integrity.  This post talks about some ways we might have inadvertently let others define our energy integrity.

1. Our Food – the energy surrounding our food from before the seeds are planted to the time our food is harvested and we make a meal with it, is impacted by all the beings our food comes in contact with.  If you consume animal protein the way that the animal lived and was sacrificed impacts the energy inherent in the protein.

2.  Our personal care products – Our skin is our largest organ and our sense of smell is acute.  Smells contain information and our skin absorbs whatever is put onto it and our hormones translate that information to the cells in our body.  What is the energy behind the ingredients in our products and what is the energetic impact of the manufacturing process?  Were animals involved in testing the safety of any of the ingredients?  If yes, their energy imprint is stored in that product and delivered to your cells as information.

3.  Our Clothing and accessories – How were the materials made or harvested that are in your clothes?  All matter is energy, all energy carries information and impacts your energy patterns.  We wear our clothes against our skin, the chemicals used in the manufacturing of your clothes shares information with your hormones.  Were any animals impacted or harvested for your clothes or shoes?  How was the earth cared for while growing or producing your clothes or shoes?  The energetic quality of your clothing and accessories impacts your energy fields.

4.  Your Home, Inside and Out – All matter is made of energy.  All the materials used in building the structure and features of your home and all the items in your home contain memories of what they were before.  How were the materials in your home harvested and manufactured?  What are your homes memories of other occupants?  What is the memory of the land your home is built on?  What are the energetic memories of the other houses and land surrounding your home?

5.  Our Mother Earth – this is a big one and one that I am surprised is over looked as much as she is.  Our planet contains the largest and strongest electromagnetic field closest to us.  There are 7 billion humans sharing our energy, as well as billions and billions of other beings (our rock friends, plant friends, insect friends, other animal friends and so on).  We all share and impact each other energetically.  There is great strength and unconditional nurturing support to be shared with our mother planet but we also share in all the other energy too.  How is our planet being cared for?  How are the beings on our planet being cared for?

Bonus #6 – Our Car – What kind of memories are stored in the materials in your automobile?  What is the energy behind petroleum products?  What is the impact of our roadways on the other beings we share our planet with?  How does driving make you feel?

So next time you are feeling off or sad or strangely happy even for no apparent reason, think about all ways your energy is being impacted.  Take a small amount of time each day to send light for peace and freedom to all beings on our planet.  Have gratitude for the matter that makes up your products and gratitude for the energy that others have put into your products. Talk to your house, love on all your furniture and fixtures.  Take some time to really think about what you are putting on and in your body and home.

Happy Energy Exchanges!

Reiki Answer Lady


12 Nov

5 Ways to use the Distance Symbol for Healing

5Reiki is an amazing complimentary therapy, so nurturing!  The distance symbol is a powerful tool and one I use personally in my own healing and professionally with my clients.

There are many ways to use the distance symbol, here are my favorite 5:

1. Connecting with a client or energy from a distance.  The distance symbol creates a bridge across no time/no space.

2.  Healing a relationship. You can use the distance symbol to heal a hurt relationship by laying out pictures of you and the other person (if you don’t have a picture, write their name on a piece of paper) and use the distance healing to connect to your relationship energy and send light to your relationship.  If you had a particular argument with that person, send the light to that argument.

** Remember Free Will: the light is not being sent to ‘change’ anything or anyone, the light is being sent to ease healing in your relationship. You do not need to decide what that healing might look like, just be open to the possibility that change and healing can happen.**

3. Healing a Past Life.  You can use the distance healing to connect with your past life and send healing light to that time.  Just like the healing light you would send to another person or to a relationship you can also send light to that lifetime and the person or being you were at that time.  Again Remember Free Will.

4. Healing your ancestors.  You can use the distance symbol to heal your ancestors the same way you use it to send healing to another person.  We all have trauma in our ancestral lineages and this healing may take awhile. Healing your ancestors can bring forth many gifts that many have been held back over time to you and your family going forward. If you have pictures or know of specific events, focus on those. If you don’t know just ask the light to go towards healing for either line in your family.

5.  Healing your child self.  If there are specific events or traumas in your childhood, place pictures of yourself at those times on your altar and use the distance symbol to send light for healing. If you don’t have a picture, just imagine yourself at those ages and use the distance symbol to connect that way. Imagine you are holding yourself in the light as you would any of your clients or family members.

Bonus! Healing for our beloved Mother Earth.  Using the distance healing, send light to all the beings on our beloved planet for peace and freedom.

Have fun working with the distance symbol. Opening and allowing for healing change can be very freeing if you can set your ego aside and just send light.  Trying to define the outcome of healing drains your life force energy and can have an undesired impact on the life force energy of the other person you are trying to send light to.

Many Blessings!

Reiki Answer Lady

10 Nov

November Podcast Interview: Spirit Communication and Healing with Sali Crow, Natural Psychic Medium

10734188_598781773578068_2188251422109332537_nNovember’s Reiki Answer Lady Podcast with Sali Crow, Natural Pyschic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher and Druid


Sali is a Natural Psychic and Medium who has been aware of her gifts since childhood. She specializes in Spirit Communication & Divination. She has worked as a “Seer” for over 20 years using the Tarot and Runes as her tools. With her ability to divine the future and revisit the past she advices her clients. As a Medium she helps people to connect with their loved ones who have passed, as well as make connections with the guiding spirits who watch over them. Her gift of knowing also aids her work as an Intuitive Healer. She is a Reiki Master in 6 schools of Reiki, a Rune Valdr practioner and a Sound Healer.

Contact information for Sali:


14 Oct

Do I Need to Ask Permission to Send Reiki Light?

Ask Permission to sendlight?Do I Need to Ask Permission to Send Reiki Light?

Yes you need to ask permission if you are sending someone healing light energy.  I know lots of sites and teachers tell you that as long as “its for their greatest and highest good” and “If you tell their Higher Self to ask if they want it” thats it ok to send Reiki Healing without permission.

The problem is too often that healing light gets sent with explicit instructions or is 100% Ego driven.  For Instance:  “I just sent you healing light, I hope you felt it” Ego, plain and simple.  Or “Please send this healing light to my friend Joy so she can be cured from cancer” Asking for a specific outcome for someone without their permission is the same as working magic against another persons free will and you as the practitioner will inadvertently tie your life force energy into that pattern.  Unless Joy tells you she wants to be cured from her cancer, do not assume you know what is best for that other person.

This same is true for animals and for all the beings on this planet.  Even the Earth herself is alive.  The only real way to send light to another being is to make sure your intention is to honor their Free Will.  And for us humans, it is important that we ask that our healing work be for peaceful coexistence.

This is really important to remember when you are in a session working with your client.  Please do not assume you know what is best for that person during their session.  You both should be very clear up front about your clients intention for the session, as well you as the practitioner should be sure to get permission before you start to change or alter any patterns you come across that might be affecting the successful outcome of your intention for the session.  Again do not assume your client wants things like ‘their chakras to all spin in the same direction’ or ‘their life force energy back’ without first talking to them and asking them directly.

To keep it really simple, if you want to send healing light to someone without their permission, keep your intention to honor their free will (even animals have free will) and say something like “I am honoring Joy’s free will and send this healing light”

Remember if you are Reiki 2 or higher you learned the distance healing symbols. If you want a boost to your healing light, use the distance healing technique you learned.  The beauty with that technique is you do not have to define the outcome, it is very easy to use with your intention to honor another beings free will.

One final note, please remember that all beings are worthy of non-judgement and compassion.  Please do not assume you know what is best for other beings.  They also have free will. Please work with your guides and allies when working with other beings, especially suffering beings.

Funny note, as I was writing this I got a text from a colleague asking for me to send healing light as a group, it specifically says “Our group intention will provide positive loving support for her best outcome” So I ask you, do you think I should join in this group healing?

May all Good Karma Generated go Towards Peaceful Coexistence,

The Reiki Answer Lady

07 Oct

Helping your younger Reiki clients develop a relationship with their Guides and Allies

Helping your younger Reiki clients develop a relationship with their Guides and AlliesGuides

How do you help your younger clients develop a relationship with their compassionate guides and allies?  I like to give a lot of free reign to my young clients and students. Kids tend to be very intuitive and there is a lot to learn from them.

One of my younger clients described being touched by his guides on the head and arms. He also heard voices. So what we worked out is now the way I work with both my younger and older students.

We start first by creating sacred space. In the case of most little ones this makes sense at night time. Since their bodies are mostly still their imaginations can benefit from some compassionate guidance.  Again I let them take the reigns, I will outline a basic strategy, in the case of the young man whose guides were touching him, we call in the directions and the earth and sky energies, thus creating a container.

He then talks to his compassionate guides and allies directly, asking them to please not touch him or talk to him until he is ready. He asks them to look out for him and to help him get a good nights sleep.

***Most often asked question: “How do I talk to my compassionate Guides and Allies?” My answer:  just like you and I are talking now. You can talk out loud or in your head. ***

You can work with your own cosmology when guiding your kids or younger clients on a establishing a spiritual practice. When working with guides and allies, I would encourage you to ask for compassionate guidance.

When asking for guidance, its important to be open to how your young client receives information. Again I let them lead me. There are so many ways we receive feedback from our guides and allies and all the wonderful friends we share our beloved planet with. There are some nifty perception tricks to help open your mind and ‘eye’ to communication with these beings and energies.

Happy Communicating,

Reiki Answer Lady

30 Sep

How do I know what information to share with my Reiki client?

COFFEEHow do I know what information to share with my client?

Do you frequently receive information from your clients guides or allies? Do you receive information from your clients physical systems, their heart, their mind and their spirit that impacts their current health or manifesting goals?

If you are coming to Reiki via an inherent intuitive healing path, you have probably already learned that your words have significant impact.  I remember once when I was in 5th grade I shared information with my teachers that was something I learned from their private thoughts, boy were they upset!  I learned a valuable lesson; sometimes just because you know, heard or intuited information, doesn’t mean those around you want to, or even can, hear it.

Unless you are a licensed doctor or registered nurse you are not qualified to give medical advice. In fact you should have this declaration as part of your agreement with your client. Bottom line: encourage your clients to maintain a relationship with a qualified medical professional.

If you receive information about a physical system, either directly from the system itself, or from a meridian or chakra, then I recommend asking that clients compassionate allies how to talk about your findings. Your allies and your clients allies will have a message that contains the best healing story for your clients healing path. If your ego is trying to be part of this conversation then you will be tempted to say “I saw, You Need, I want…” take the time during your personal mediations to learn the voice of your ego.

If you are not a licensed mental health professional than again you are not qualified to give mental health advice. This is why I have mental health professionals in my networking group. You can listen, you can offer a nurturing Reiki session, but be very sensitive to the impact of your words. I guarantee your clients are listening to every word you say. When I have intuited in a session that my client is going through a very rough time, I tell them that Reiki can support them on their healing journey and that Reiki is a perfect compliment to therapy sessions with a qualified professional. I also let them know I have an extensive network if they are not already working with someone.

I try to use positive healing words when describing chakras. The really exciting aspect of energy work is we are all unique, our energy patterns are no different. I stay away from words like broken, spinning in the wrong direction, compromised or I ‘fixed’ or ‘repaired’ it, anything that implies something is inherently wrong with the client. Instead I suggest using growth words like activated or this is an opportunity for healing.

As an example a client is in the middle of a break up.  Are you going to find their heart chakra tender, sluggish, or less of a flower shape or really buzzing and active? Yes, probably.  So if they ask I say “given what we your going through it makes sense that your heart chakra needs you to have lots of compassion for yourself”  or “given what your going through this is a great opportunity for growth and healing”

I have personally had sessions where instead of exploring what might be happening in my life and presenting me with a healing story, I have been told that the practitioner ‘fixed’ my heart chakra and I should be all better now. Please try and resist an ego response of this magnitude.  Remember that your client (all the parts of them: heart, mind, spirit and body) is the one doing the healing.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the Healing Story you tell your client. By working with your guides and allies and your clients allies, you will have removed your ego from the conversation, focusing instead on the best story to tell your client on their healing journey.

One last word about Reiki.  Your Reiki session should be about relaxation and nurturing. Readings, Chakras, Meridians, Tree of Life Spheres and so on are not part of the fundamentals of Reiki. I encourage you to separate out those components during a session. I have mine as extra services clients can add on to their nurturing Reiki session.

Many Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

11 Sep

I felt a Tug on my hair during a memorial for my friend

I felt a Tug on my hair, spirit maybe?-2Good Morning Reiki Practitioners,

My client called me and asked if I thought the tug she felt on her hair during a memorial for her friend could have been her friend coming through.

Have you experienced this during a Reiki session?  I know I have.  So when my client called last night to ask me if I thought it could be her friend touching her hair, I said yes!

Often during sessions the compassionate ancestors of my clients come through and exhibit characteristics that they would have during their life on this planet. So if they liked to touch people, putting their hands on your shoulders for instance or touching your hair, then chances are this is how they will act as compassionate ancestors.

I know my client had wanted to see her friend while she was sick but it had been her friends wish that she spend her last moments only with immediate family.  My client is sensitive so I know this was her friend reaching out and telling her she knew that she was there and was grateful.

Validation from you as a practitioner is important, often my clients do not have anyone else to go to talk about spirits, guides and other energy related experiences.

Another question I get asked is “what can I do if I do not want to be touched or talked to by spirits?”  – keep an eye out for that post soon, right now I have to go get ready for my client.

Many Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

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