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17 May

Self Love is Essential to Health and Wellness

More and more folks are coming into my healing space very unhappy with the direction their life is taking.  I wrote about this before with my blog on compassion.  There is a common factor in this unhappiness: no self love.  Nada, zip, zilch.

We need to be our own biggest advocates.  Seriously everything that we seek, we need to find it within ourselves first, in order to find it without.  This includes but is not limited to:  love, compassion, forgiveness, comfort, joy, peace, happiness and so on.

Have you heard of the saying ‘Fake it Till you Make it?’ well thats where we need to start if we want to turn our collective frowns upside down.  All day long we should be telling ourself how much we love ourselves, have compassion for ourselves and so forth.  Until you know it and believe it.  For it is true, you can love yourself.  Even our darkest most dreaded imaginings are no barrier to self love.  Take all those parts of yourself that make you feel uncomfortable, afraid, sad, and send those parts nothing but compassion.  Without the dark there would be no form or definition to the light, no depth.  Do not be afraid to look at the deepest parts of yourself with compassion and love.  Maybe even embrace those more wild aspects of your authentic self and show us what wonderfulness lurks beneath your society exterior.

If our society, and we created this construct collectively over time, is not supporting you and your desires, work to change the construct.   Do any of you listen to Esther Hicks and Abraham? ( You can find their teachings here, if you have not heard them please go and listen to one of their tapes, choose any of them: Abraham talks about ‘The Vortex’ that space of joyful co-creation where you are in the zone and manifesting wonderful things for yourself.  He also talks about ‘reality’ versus ‘vibrational reality’.  These are some very key concepts for our continued spiritual evolution.

Here are 3 things to contemplate in helping your clients find self love:

  1.  we can be in ‘the vortex’ even if we have pain or are not leading the life we really desire – in the vortex we create the life we desire
  2. Reality is messy and too complicated for your clients to tackle, I always recommend focusing on the small steps instead of the big ones – reality has many pitfalls that keep us out of the vortex
  3. You can change your vibrational reality in a moment.  Then you are back in the vortex

In the vortex you tell yourself how much you love yourself and you support yourself with good food, exercise, and surround yourself by things and people that inspire you and so on.  Outside of the vortex you feel unsupported and afraid.

Here are 3 simple ways to get into the vortex:

  1.  Be out in Nature, soak up all the beauty and wonder we are surrounded with and allow yourself the opportunity to once again feel that sense of wonder you might have had as a child.  Some of my clients didn’t have that opportunity, so right now give yourself permission to feel that sense of wonder.  Delight in the mystery of our beautiful world.
  2. Practice Gratitude – see my Gassho is a Gratitude Mudra blog post for tips
  3. Practice Mirror work – hands down mirror work, works!  Try it, don’t knock for at least 3 months, everyday practice your mirror work!


01 Jul

How Reiki can help keep your Perspective balanced

How Reiki helps keep your Balance

‘The Grass is Always Greener Where You Water it’ – yoga instructer Deb from Carlsbad Village Yoga Co-Op

How Reiki can Help Keep your Perspective Balanced
Yes, where we focus our attention on the ups and downs in life does help predict and manifest what kind of up or down you will reach next. In other words what we observe changes.  How can we make sure what we are observing and how we are observing it changes in balance with what we desire in our lives?  Reiki has answers.
Reiki is a spiritual practice.  As a spiritual practice, there is a foundation and guidance to build on that foundation.  At the core of Reiki’s practice is the foundation that we are all connected to the same source of light, or Ki. Reiki also offers a set of ideals that provide guidance for building on your spiritual practice every day.
“The secret art of inviting happiness, the miraculous medicine of all diseases…”
Starts with putting your hands together in the Gratiude mudra, or prayer position and in a meditiative spirit you recite the following:
“Just for today, do not anger, do not worry and be filled with graitude.  Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people.”
Life is a wave of energy – up and down – full of opposites for us to navigate.  During the ‘up’ have gratitude, be kind.  During the ‘down’ do not anger, do not worry.  During all the ups and downs, devote yourself to your work.
Reiki is an energy that is available for us all to tap into offer a calming, relaxing option for approaching the ups and downs in life.  As a spiritual practice, the ups and downs are not the focus, you in the movement of the moment are the focus.
Our perspective of any moment in our lives is based on our own construct, our own cosmology, our own environment that we have nurtured into existence. Our perspective of any up or down pattern is strictly ours to change.  Reiki offers the option to change your perspective – angry? don’t be – worried? why bother – sad? have gratitude – work? do a good job – people? be kind.  Life on this beautiful planet? be kind.
Be kind to you, you are your pilot and co-pilot on this wave of life.
Many Blessings
Reiki Answer Lady
21 Apr

3 Ways Reiki Can Help You Let Go

3 WaysReiki Can Help You Let GoThis article is a continuation of one posted a few weeks ago, 3 Ways to Open Your Heart to Reiki

The harder we struggle against the current the more we risk running into blockages.  Turning the ‘driving’ as it were over to Reiki can help you navigate obstacles with grace and ease.  Here are 3 Reiki practices that can help you learn to enjoy ‘letting go’

1.  Establishing your Personal Practice and sticking to it.  When you get your Reiki 1 Attunement and celebrate yourself and your connection to the light, you learn how to establish a daily spiritual practice.  Your own daily spiritual practices are going to influence you the most.  Start simple with Reiki 1 techniques: self treatments, meditating on the ideals, really get to know you and turn that into a daily celebration of your own divine nature.
2.  Nuture your relationship with your guides and allies.  Reiki 1 is all about you.  Reiki 2 has a theme of your connection with community.  Reiki 3 really opens up your channels of communication with your compassionate guides and allies.  If you have not had your Reiki 3 yet, you can absolutely nurture your connection to your guides and allies.  Talk to them, ask them for help or guidance.  The key here is learning to ‘listen’ for the answers and open to their guidance.  This is where meditation and personal practice come in to play.  Learning to set your ego aside so you can be open to recieve is a foundation Reiki 1 helps you create.  If you have had your Reiki 3, work using the master symbol into your daily practice.  The 3 pillars of Reiki are a meditation to help you clear your ego and establish a connection to the source of light.  Use this spiritual practice to create a gateway to your guides and allies.  I really recommend asking for a connection to Compassionate guides and allies, rather than run the risk of opening yourself up to false or misleading energetic beings or ancestors.
For more on Communicating with Spirits and Ancestors, check out my interview with Sali Crow on Spirit Communication
3.  Send light to any aspect of your life that you feel is constricted or blocked.  By sending light we are Not judging or fixing.  We are simply asking that the light help us heal and nurture that aspect of our lives.  Trying to fix or solve creates more burden.  When we step back and say “I give this up to the light” we are letting go of a source of stress.  There is guidance available in the light.  An ease of living that is inherent when you live Reiki.
Over the coming months I will be introducing new workshops.  They follow this theme of personal practice and integrating key Reiki principals and energy theories into our daily lives.  Stay tuned, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already.  I am also hoping to add some meditations, for instance the 3 Pillars, just to have some examples of what I mean by using that as a meditation.
If you have any input, ideas, questions and or you want to be interviewed on the podcast, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Many Bright Blessings,
Reiki Answer Lady
PS The idea for this theme of letting go was inspired by my yoga teacher (Deb, Carlsbad Village Yoga Co-op) who read a great poem about fish in a stream not hitting the rocks because they give over control to the current.  Sources of inspiration and divine insight are there when you open to receive.  Thank you Deb!
01 Apr

3 Ways to Open Your Heart to Reiki

3 Ways to Open to ReikiReiki is a transforming energy that can bring miraculous healing both on and off the healing table.  Here are 3 ways to bring Reiki more fully into your life and heart:

1.  When you begin to practice Reiki, more and more synchronistic events will be evident on your path.  Sometimes these can seem scary or impossible.  Let go and trust Reiki – one way to do this is to offer your own heart, mind, body and spirit Reiki treatments.  If I start to feel worried or afraid, I place my hand over my heart and breathe.  Thank the Reiki energy for easing your transition.

2.  Open to the possibilities.  It is easy to get lost in the details, especially if you are working on healing in your life.  Try to set aside the details and instead open to the possibility that ‘things’ can be better, can be fantastic.  Instead of defining (and in some cases judging) focus on being open.  One way to use the Reiki energy to do this is to use the Reiki ideals as a mantra when the details are clouding the outcome.  I like to chant them in Japanese.

3.  Breathe Reiki energy in and breathe Reiki energy out.  Creating a conscious flow of Reiki energy in and around your Aura, can provide not only a safety buffer but also be a lens to see the light of others all around us.  I like to visualize the Reiki energy traveling out my heart chakra, there it picks up love and compassion.  Melding this heart Reiki energy with Earth energy and Universal energy is called the 3 keys.

Happy Reiki Energy!

Reiki Answer Lady

24 Mar

3 Contemplations on Light and Water

Water-4A little Meditation fodder for today:

1.  Water stores and communicates information.  In fact in homeopathic medicine, water is ‘programmed’ with the healing information on certain herbs and plants that may in fact be poisonous if we were to consume them directly.  The late and honored Dr. Emoto ( took microscopic pictures of water molecules that had been programmed with good thoughts and intentions versus negative thoughts and intentions.  The results were striking and profound.  Water not only stores and communicates information but has an intelligence all its own.  Honor Water.

2.  Inside of each double stranded helix of DNA molecules inside our cells genetic material contains Light.  Each cell contains around 30,000-50,000 gene sequences.  Each double stranded DNA molecule is surrounded by thousands of Water molecules.  Water and Light work together inside of our cells to Communicate instructions to that parent cell and the cells surrounding it.  We are Reiki just by Being.

3.  Light surrounds us.  The Universal Source that many cultures speak of as Chi, Ki, Prana, Mana, Rei and so on, is Light Energy.  Our bodies are made of 65% water.  When we consciously connect to and are Grateful for, the Light that surrounds us, the Water is our bodies translates that healing energy for our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits.  Communicating Health and Wellness.  When we give ourselves a Reiki treatment, we are connecting to the source that surrounds us and sharing health and wellness with all the cells in our bodies.  When we go for treatment, we are offering focused nurturing to all aspects of our Beautiful True Selves.

When you bring your hands into Gratitude Mudra, draw that universal Bliss into your body and aura for a nice morning or evening treat.  Just by drawing breath while consciously connecting with the Light that surrounds us is a Gratitude Practice that will have lasting results and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Many Light Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

05 Mar

Reiki Energy Spirit and Science

Reiki Energy Spirit and ScienceAs a Reiki practitioner, one of my great joys occurs at the end of a session when someone smiles and opens their eyes as they share their perspective of their session and how it made them feel.  Reiki can be experienced so differently by each individual as the energy works on many levels.  I have watched while new ideas have formed and listened to the excitement of a breakthrough.  I have watched as deep relaxation and a compassionate touch makes pain more bearable.   I have watched as remarkable transformations occur and pain is gone altogether or heaviness is released.

Reiki Masters and their clients are often satisfied in simply knowing the Reiki works for them, perhaps even at a mystical level. Others may be interested in a more scientific understanding.  How can Reiki work?  How can healing touch influence health?  There may be comfort in knowing that science has identified the electromagnetic fields coming from a Reiki Master’s hands as having a similar frequency to the electric pulses used in electrical stimulation therapies.

In the human body, information is passed to cells, tissues and organs through electrical charges. A changing electrical charge creates magnetic fields.  Until recently, only complex expensive equipment had been able to measure the human electromagnetic fields.  Now advanced devices can read the electromagnetic pulses from the hands of Reiki Masters.  Scientists measuring the brain waves of a Reiki Healer during a healing session have even discovered that the healers become frequency-synchronized with the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum.

When a Reiki Master is in a healing session they may feel heat, cold, tingling, or pin points of energy that are inconsistent.  These areas of changes have also been measured by modern science to show that a cell that is under stress, trauma or injury pulses at a greater frequency than a normal cell.  These pulses are understood to be potential injuries or precursors to illness.

Clinical trials abound as Reiki continues to provide deep relaxation and nurturing as a complimentary therapy across many specialized fields of medicine. At the same time world renowned medical institutions including John’s Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic are actively integrating Reiki services into their patient care offerings.  Two of the local Cancer Centers here in Milwaukee offer Reiki and Healing Touch as part of their complementary healing offerings.

As a mystical art or a scientific practice or a unique combination of both, Reiki is a growing component of healthcare solutions. Whether your own personal concern is emotional distress, chronic pain, injury & recovery or even daily stress, Reiki may prove to be a valuable component of your healing path.

Many Bright Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

17 Feb

Gassho A Gratitude Mudra

Gassho A Gratitude MudraOne of the first things we teach our students in Reiki 1 is Gassho, bringing your palms together in front of your heart.  Gassho is also the First Pillar in the 3 Pillars that you learn in Reiki 2.  Gassho is a variation of the Gratitude Mudra.

When we call in the light and offer ourselves as vessels, setting aside your ego and just being; that is the feeling of gratitude.  Gratitude does not need a specific item or situation, gratitude is its own balm.

Try this simple yet profound exercise:  Put your hands in Gassho position and just think or say to yourself “I am Grateful”  Try this anytime you are feeling sad, stressed, in pain, and so on.  Try this when you are happy.  Practice this at stop lights and before going into crowded places.  This sequence of bringing your palms together and saying the words “I am Grateful” floods your body and aura with light.

If you want to take your Gassho practice to the next level, bring your awareness to your fingertips touching.  Let your hands loosen so only your fingertips are touching.  Each finger tip represents an element: Thumb=Fire, Index Finger=Air, Middle Finger=Space, Ring Finger=Earth and Pinky Finger=Water.  When you bring your awareness to each finger tip, say “I am Grateful for Air” etc.

Every Morning and Evening, Bring your hands into Gassho with Gratitude.

Many Bright Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

12 Feb

3 Reasons Your Personal Meditation Practice is Important

3 ReasonsYourMeditation Practice isThere are many reasons a personal meditation practice is important for your own health and well being, but when you practice Reiki as a profession it is even more important.

1.  Each session requires that you set aside your own ego and open yourself fully to being a vessel for the light.  It is through meditation that you learn the voice of your ego and learn how to set it aside when needed.

2.  Each session is an hour long meditation, or longer.  If you do not practice meditation on your own, how are you going to quiet your mind for a full session? Everyday practice is mandatory for a spiritual practice like Reiki.

3.  In order to be open to ‘hear’ your clients cues, from their heart, mind, body and true self, you need to be able to quiet your own energy.  You might also want to take guidance from your clients compassionate guides and allies.  In order to properly communicate with the energies around you, you need to be open to listen.

If you are thinking about your grocery list or anything beyond the Reiki session, you are missing valuable information your clients body is communicating with you.  You are also projecting that energy into the session.  Clearly being open for a whole session requires practice and as we learn in Reiki 1, you should practice everyday.

Happy Reiki Practice,

Reiki Answer Lady


03 Feb

Having Compassion starts with yourself, 3 easy steps to nurture compassion

3 Steps Nurturing-2

Having Compassion starts with yourself, 3 easy steps to nurture compassion

I see a fair amount of clients who are not happy with the every day direction of their lives.  The one consistent similarity is their lack of compassion for their own self.

Our words, thoughts and feelings all create energetic vibrations that travel out into the universe.  In fact these waves and particles travel infinitely to the zero point.  The zero point is our collective experience.

Gratitude, Forgiveness, Hope, Unconditional Love – these are all themes of compassion.  Here are 3 easy steps to nurturing compassion for yourself.

  1. Pay close attention to the words you use to describe yourself.  Our society values self deprecating humor, but it does create a vibration that may be attracting undesirable consequences.  Use words with care.  Describe yourself with love.  Please be very aware of how you use words to describe others, another strangely valued practice is gossip. Often gossip is very detrimental and my guess is we would be embarrassed if the other party could over hear what we are saying.  Be kind.
  2. Learn to recognize lower level thought patterns and work with yourself to redirect your imagination.  Our brains are fantastic synthesizers of information and imaginings.  In fact our thought process relies on our imagination to create processes.  What will we wear today, eat today, and do today?  These are examples of practical thought that our brain has created possible processes for.  “if I wear these pants I want to wear these boots”  How many times during this process were you self deprecating?  Some of these thought patterns were created in childhood (I know for me I picked up patterns from listening to my mother) and others from feedback we have received from society.  The second those patterns start to create feelings of unease or sadness, stop and say “wait a minute brain, we are on the same side”  If these patterns are too much for you by yourself, I recommend seeking a Core Shamanic practitioner and ask for a thought form unraveling session.
  3. Practice gratitude.  Every moment you are drawing breath as a human on this planet is an opportunity for gratitude.  “I am grateful for co-creating life on this planet with my breath” “I am grateful for my relationship with Air and the gifts Air brings into my life” “I am grateful for my belly that it draws Air into my lungs” and so on.  Endless opportunities to practice gratitude.  If you are paying attention, I promise you good things are coming to you.

Reiki is a fantastic therapy to support you on your healing path.  Your body needs the opportunity to be relaxed to be part of the healing process.  Let yourself be nurtured and supported.  Be kind, starting with yourself.

Lots of Love,

Reiki Answer Lady

21 Jan

The Reiki Ideals: Your Guide for Everyday Bliss

The Reiki Ideals are meditation tools to use everyday for balance and peace.  Reiki is a beautiful practice and one that starts the practitioner out on a path of self healing and energetic awareness for ones own energy integrity.

Using the Reiki Ideals as part of a meditation practice can help you navigate the ups and downs of everyday life while nurturing your heart, mind, body and spirit.  Everyday Bliss is not about being extremely happy  but rather content in the now, at peace with your own true self in the moment.

The Reiki Ideals 

Just for Today

Do Not Anger

Do Not Worry

Be Filled with Gratitude

Devote Yourself to Your Work

Be Kind to All Beings

Lets talk about Anger first – sometimes anger can motivate you to make change, but sometimes anger lingers and comes at a great cost to your health and wellness.  Are you stewing or making changes?   Anger creates a vibration at odds with everyday bliss for sure.  Unless your anger is motivating you to make changes or take action, meditate on letting it go – often this is tied with themes of forgiveness and compassion.

Worry – what else can we really say about worry except that it is one of the most wasted thought forms and causes a great deal of vibrational damage on all of our systems.  Worry, unlike necessary thoughts like creating a grocery shopping list, changes nothing except your own vibration and not for the better.   Faith, acceptance, letting go and trust are all counter themes to worry.  If you find yourself in a worry loop, call on your compassionate guides and allies for help getting out of it.  Creating and nurturing your relationship with the larger whole will help to keep you from going back into a worry loop.

Be Filled with Gratitude – the key to manifesting the life you want is to pay attention when all those good changes come your way and expressing your gratitude.  For instance if you have been trying to manifest more money and someone buys you a cup of coffee, its working! Everyday bliss is not about that million dollars, its about recognizing all the beauty you are surrounded with and all the ways you are supported.  Practice gratitude in every moment.

Devote Yourself to Your Work – if you are washing the dishes or designing the next space shuttle, what you are doing at the moment is your work.  Do it well and with gratitude and this will lead you to Everyday Bliss.  ‘Work’ is yet another opportunity for mindful meditation.  Another opportunity to quiet your mind and bring all your parts together for one activity – your work.

Be Kind – seriously be kind; to yourself, your neighbor, the earth, all beings on this planet and all beings from other dimensions and worlds, universes. Let your kindness be filled with compassion.  Start with yourself and your light will shine, helping others find kindness and compassion.

Everyday Bliss is accessible, sometimes we just need to alter our expectations that our happiness is not always going to be UP but that UP is just as impermanent as DOWN.  Here now watching the snow fall softly outside my window I feel content, blessed, supported and loved. By myself and the universe.  Everyday regular old Bliss.

Many Bright Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

PS I meditate on the ideals first thing in the morning and throughout the day as needed, ending my day with a self treatment and reflection.

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