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15 Sep

3 Tips for Offering Reiki to Toddlers

3Are you about to have your youngest client yet?  Here are some tips for creating the best experience for your clients and their parents.

1. Let the child lead the session – You can try and explain to a toddler that by lying down on your table they will feel better, but unless the child is really ill, your space will probably have too many exciting things to explore.  You can start the Reiki session by leading the parent and yourself on a meditation, call in compassionate energies and using your Three Pillars, connect to source.

2. Simply hold space – offer the opportunity for healing just like you would to someone lying on your table but without the hands on application.  You can use your distance healing techniques to boost the healing energy in your sacred healing space.  Offer your clients True Self the opportunity to connect to the light you are channeling.

3. Offer fun objects to sit and look at – If you provide items that grab your clients interest, you can keep them sitting in one spot and maybe they will let you offer them hands on healing.  If they brush or push your hands away, be respectful and move on to somewhere else.  Just resting your hand lightly on their back might feel good to them.  One of the many amazing things with Reiki is you do not have to touch your client to offer healing light.  Fill your space with it.

You can explain to the parent what you are doing; “I am holding space for your child to be offered the opportunity for healing.  I am letting them decide to what degree they want me to work hands on.  I am going to sit here quietly in meditation and offer the healing light.  Your child will receive the full benefit of the session, it is important for them to decide how they want to receive the light.”

Have fun, your young clients will get plenty of benefit during their session even if you are just playing with crystals and rattles together for an hour.

Many Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

14 Apr

2 Important Parts of the Healing Session

2Important Parts of the Healing Session-2Do you struggle with bringing clients back for repeat sessions?  Here are two often over looked parts of the session that can make or break your repeat clients.

1.  Before the session – your first impression counts, from the first phone call or email to the time they spend in your waiting room if you have one.  There are professional applications you can use to book your appointments, collect money and manage feedback.  Spend time practicing your 90 second ‘what is Reiki’ speech and think about how your space will appear to a new client.

2.  After the session – use this time wisely!  You can educate the client about the benefit of coming back for more sessions.  The two of you can create an action plan.  You can schedule your next session before they leave.  This does not have to be a hard or soft sell time, more of a time to create a lasting relationship with your new client.  Too often I have left sessions wondering what my next steps should be.  Give your client home work.  Follow up with your new clients after a day or two.

New or repeat clients will be grateful for the extra time you spend with them.  I encourage my clients to call or email if they have questions.  I offer a bulk session package special, one that is used more often then not.

Have fun and keep up your own practice,

Reiki Answer Lady

17 Mar

My first Reiki Experience

My First Reiki ExpierenceI first experienced Reiki when I was 18.  I was working as a nurses aide at a nursing home and the head nurse Cheryl owned a crystal store and had an energy medicine school.  She was often looking for volunteers for her students to practice on and I was one of those volunteers.

Her school and students made a lasting impression on me.  I loved the Reiki energy and frequently experienced profound insights during my Reiki treatments.  I remember one session in particular I had a past life experience that confirmed what I had always felt about myself.  I think that having the gift of Reiki at a critical time in my life made a big difference in the choices I made on my life’s path.  18 is a time of uncertainty and insecurities.  Having focused energy sessions helped me remove many of those blockages.  As a result I feel I have been able to fully embrace my inner knowing, feeling confident and secure about my place in the universe.  How great would it be to offer that gift to all young people.  Reiki is suitable for all ages.

I remember another session where the student working on me was telling me all about the energy she was feeling in different locations of my body and what kind of an emotional or mental connection could be made. This insight and knowledge has guided me to this day.  I still use much of that initial information in my own healing sessions.

Her school has also stayed with me all these years.  I remember being very impressed with the professional yet nurturing feel of her classroom.  Her students had hands on practice and direct client experiences.  I am truly grateful to find myself in a position where I get to work with Reiki students, helping them experience and work with the Reiki energy and clients.  I am very excited about the future of energy medicine and I am filled with gratitude that I get to be a part of that future.

I am truly filled with awe when I think of the impact this early exposure has had on my life today.  How fun is that!

If you are considering Reiki, as a treatment or as a life path, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  I would love to share all the joy Reiki has brought into my life.

05 Mar

Reiki Energy Spirit and Science

Reiki Energy Spirit and ScienceAs a Reiki practitioner, one of my great joys occurs at the end of a session when someone smiles and opens their eyes as they share their perspective of their session and how it made them feel.  Reiki can be experienced so differently by each individual as the energy works on many levels.  I have watched while new ideas have formed and listened to the excitement of a breakthrough.  I have watched as deep relaxation and a compassionate touch makes pain more bearable.   I have watched as remarkable transformations occur and pain is gone altogether or heaviness is released.

Reiki Masters and their clients are often satisfied in simply knowing the Reiki works for them, perhaps even at a mystical level. Others may be interested in a more scientific understanding.  How can Reiki work?  How can healing touch influence health?  There may be comfort in knowing that science has identified the electromagnetic fields coming from a Reiki Master’s hands as having a similar frequency to the electric pulses used in electrical stimulation therapies.

In the human body, information is passed to cells, tissues and organs through electrical charges. A changing electrical charge creates magnetic fields.  Until recently, only complex expensive equipment had been able to measure the human electromagnetic fields.  Now advanced devices can read the electromagnetic pulses from the hands of Reiki Masters.  Scientists measuring the brain waves of a Reiki Healer during a healing session have even discovered that the healers become frequency-synchronized with the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum.

When a Reiki Master is in a healing session they may feel heat, cold, tingling, or pin points of energy that are inconsistent.  These areas of changes have also been measured by modern science to show that a cell that is under stress, trauma or injury pulses at a greater frequency than a normal cell.  These pulses are understood to be potential injuries or precursors to illness.

Clinical trials abound as Reiki continues to provide deep relaxation and nurturing as a complimentary therapy across many specialized fields of medicine. At the same time world renowned medical institutions including John’s Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic are actively integrating Reiki services into their patient care offerings.  Two of the local Cancer Centers here in Milwaukee offer Reiki and Healing Touch as part of their complementary healing offerings.

As a mystical art or a scientific practice or a unique combination of both, Reiki is a growing component of healthcare solutions. Whether your own personal concern is emotional distress, chronic pain, injury & recovery or even daily stress, Reiki may prove to be a valuable component of your healing path.

Many Bright Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

12 Feb

3 Reasons Your Personal Meditation Practice is Important

3 ReasonsYourMeditation Practice isThere are many reasons a personal meditation practice is important for your own health and well being, but when you practice Reiki as a profession it is even more important.

1.  Each session requires that you set aside your own ego and open yourself fully to being a vessel for the light.  It is through meditation that you learn the voice of your ego and learn how to set it aside when needed.

2.  Each session is an hour long meditation, or longer.  If you do not practice meditation on your own, how are you going to quiet your mind for a full session? Everyday practice is mandatory for a spiritual practice like Reiki.

3.  In order to be open to ‘hear’ your clients cues, from their heart, mind, body and true self, you need to be able to quiet your own energy.  You might also want to take guidance from your clients compassionate guides and allies.  In order to properly communicate with the energies around you, you need to be open to listen.

If you are thinking about your grocery list or anything beyond the Reiki session, you are missing valuable information your clients body is communicating with you.  You are also projecting that energy into the session.  Clearly being open for a whole session requires practice and as we learn in Reiki 1, you should practice everyday.

Happy Reiki Practice,

Reiki Answer Lady


03 Feb

Having Compassion starts with yourself, 3 easy steps to nurture compassion

3 Steps Nurturing-2

Having Compassion starts with yourself, 3 easy steps to nurture compassion

I see a fair amount of clients who are not happy with the every day direction of their lives.  The one consistent similarity is their lack of compassion for their own self.

Our words, thoughts and feelings all create energetic vibrations that travel out into the universe.  In fact these waves and particles travel infinitely to the zero point.  The zero point is our collective experience.

Gratitude, Forgiveness, Hope, Unconditional Love – these are all themes of compassion.  Here are 3 easy steps to nurturing compassion for yourself.

  1. Pay close attention to the words you use to describe yourself.  Our society values self deprecating humor, but it does create a vibration that may be attracting undesirable consequences.  Use words with care.  Describe yourself with love.  Please be very aware of how you use words to describe others, another strangely valued practice is gossip. Often gossip is very detrimental and my guess is we would be embarrassed if the other party could over hear what we are saying.  Be kind.
  2. Learn to recognize lower level thought patterns and work with yourself to redirect your imagination.  Our brains are fantastic synthesizers of information and imaginings.  In fact our thought process relies on our imagination to create processes.  What will we wear today, eat today, and do today?  These are examples of practical thought that our brain has created possible processes for.  “if I wear these pants I want to wear these boots”  How many times during this process were you self deprecating?  Some of these thought patterns were created in childhood (I know for me I picked up patterns from listening to my mother) and others from feedback we have received from society.  The second those patterns start to create feelings of unease or sadness, stop and say “wait a minute brain, we are on the same side”  If these patterns are too much for you by yourself, I recommend seeking a Core Shamanic practitioner and ask for a thought form unraveling session.
  3. Practice gratitude.  Every moment you are drawing breath as a human on this planet is an opportunity for gratitude.  “I am grateful for co-creating life on this planet with my breath” “I am grateful for my relationship with Air and the gifts Air brings into my life” “I am grateful for my belly that it draws Air into my lungs” and so on.  Endless opportunities to practice gratitude.  If you are paying attention, I promise you good things are coming to you.

Reiki is a fantastic therapy to support you on your healing path.  Your body needs the opportunity to be relaxed to be part of the healing process.  Let yourself be nurtured and supported.  Be kind, starting with yourself.

Lots of Love,

Reiki Answer Lady

25 Nov

How much should I charge for my Session?

How Much  Per Session?A student of mine who is starting to do her own Reiki sessions as a business asked me about coming up with an amount to charge for her sessions.  I remember when I went through this myself when starting to offer Reiki as a profession.  Here are some tips other colleagues shared with me and that I in turn shared with her:

*  How much are other practitioners charging in your area, the last thing you want to do is undercut your colleagues in the area

*  How much can folks afford to spend, you will find that answered primarily by the first bullet.  However I would consider your market too, if you are a niche practitioner and want to help specific people, what can the afford?

*  Consider how much you have to make: do you have to make a specific amount each month?  How many sessions would you need to have scheduled to make that amount.  Clearly a higher hourly rate will get you there faster but will the market support you in that?

*  What is your relationship with money?  From a manifesting perspective deep hidden emotions will impact what you bring to you.

*  What is your overhead?  Per session what goes into laundry, lights, heat, garbage and so on, be sure to add those to your hourly rate.

There will probably always be practitioners in your area making more then you and charging less then you.  The trick is to find an amount that is honoring to you and that your clients are happy with.  I do offer a bulk package that allows folks to purchase at a lower price.  I have always been flexible when it comes to money so if a client has special circumstances I work with them.

Happy Sessions,

Reiki Answer Lady

12 Nov

5 Ways to use the Distance Symbol for Healing

5Reiki is an amazing complimentary therapy, so nurturing!  The distance symbol is a powerful tool and one I use personally in my own healing and professionally with my clients.

There are many ways to use the distance symbol, here are my favorite 5:

1. Connecting with a client or energy from a distance.  The distance symbol creates a bridge across no time/no space.

2.  Healing a relationship. You can use the distance symbol to heal a hurt relationship by laying out pictures of you and the other person (if you don’t have a picture, write their name on a piece of paper) and use the distance healing to connect to your relationship energy and send light to your relationship.  If you had a particular argument with that person, send the light to that argument.

** Remember Free Will: the light is not being sent to ‘change’ anything or anyone, the light is being sent to ease healing in your relationship. You do not need to decide what that healing might look like, just be open to the possibility that change and healing can happen.**

3. Healing a Past Life.  You can use the distance healing to connect with your past life and send healing light to that time.  Just like the healing light you would send to another person or to a relationship you can also send light to that lifetime and the person or being you were at that time.  Again Remember Free Will.

4. Healing your ancestors.  You can use the distance symbol to heal your ancestors the same way you use it to send healing to another person.  We all have trauma in our ancestral lineages and this healing may take awhile. Healing your ancestors can bring forth many gifts that many have been held back over time to you and your family going forward. If you have pictures or know of specific events, focus on those. If you don’t know just ask the light to go towards healing for either line in your family.

5.  Healing your child self.  If there are specific events or traumas in your childhood, place pictures of yourself at those times on your altar and use the distance symbol to send light for healing. If you don’t have a picture, just imagine yourself at those ages and use the distance symbol to connect that way. Imagine you are holding yourself in the light as you would any of your clients or family members.

Bonus! Healing for our beloved Mother Earth.  Using the distance healing, send light to all the beings on our beloved planet for peace and freedom.

Have fun working with the distance symbol. Opening and allowing for healing change can be very freeing if you can set your ego aside and just send light.  Trying to define the outcome of healing drains your life force energy and can have an undesired impact on the life force energy of the other person you are trying to send light to.

Many Blessings!

Reiki Answer Lady

05 Nov

Would my dogs like Reiki?

Animals Love ReikiWould my dogs like Reiki?

My client at the cancer center said her Reiki session made her the most relaxed she’s been in a long time.  She then asked if her dogs would benefit from a Reiki session.  Yes!  Animals love Reiki.  But just like people you need to ask permission first.

For my animal clients I connect to them either before I see them or when they first get to my healing space (or if I am going to their house when I first get to their place) and ask them if they are interested.  Some of my clients hop all over the room the whole time and others lie down on a blanket I provide.

The really important part about working with animals is to respect their wishes.  Animals have free will too.  And to be extra respectful of their human friends.  Just like a Reiki session with a human, be mindful of what information you share with their humans.  I also pay special attention to what the animals guides want me to share or where they want me to place my hands to send light.

Animal Reiki is really rewarding and could be a great fit for your practice.  I do let most animals come to my healing space, cats I like to visit at their home.  I use blankets that are comfortable for the animal and that I can wash right away.

Good luck and have fun with your animal friends.

Many Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

28 Oct

What does it mean if my clients hands feel heavy during Reiki?

ON NOWWhat does it mean if my clients hands feel heavy during Reiki?

This is a really interesting question and just like other interesting questions can have multiple answers.  Lots of times the focus of energy in the physical fields during a client session can be directly attributed to what is happening in their life.  For instance hands, we build things with our hands, we create, we destroy. But what if you felt that your power was taken away from you by a decision someone else made?  You might feel like all that you built was breaking, crumbling, or maybe it was very heavy.  

But our hands are also tied to our Chakras, namely our Root Chakra, our Heart Chakra and of course our Crown Chakra.  So our hands are tied to how Strong and Grounded, Supported we feel from the Earth and how Connected and Supported we feel from the Universe.  How much love and compassion do you have for yourself?  Again if you feel shaky or unstable, maybe even upset with yourself, you could manifest a physical attribute in your hands.

Our Heart, Lung, Triple Warmer, Pericardium, and Small and Large Intestine Meridians run through our arms too, with each one terminating at a finger tip. Small Intestine is on top of your pinky, Triple Warmer on top of your ring finger, Large Intestine is on top of your pointer finger, Lung is on the underside of your thumb, and Pericardium is on the underside of your middle finger.  Your Heart terminates on the underside of your ring finger.  There are so many connections and information found in the meridians that are too long for this blog post, but worth the research for sure. It follows that any blockages in the flow of chi in the hands could be connected to those meridians.  Each major meridian has points that represent the five elements.  You could also look to your over all connection with the five elements to see if those are impacting the attributes of energy in your hands on a physical level during a Reiki session.

Looking for emotional correspondences with your hands could lead you to ask yourself how are you ‘handling’ your experiences. Heavy handed is an expression of one who is not ‘handling’ their experience with grace.  Maybe quick to judge, harsh sentences.

Our hands hold, caress, show care, build and tear down, destroy, tear and rip and so on.  So if your clients hands are heavy, maybe start first with asking: ‘what are you caring for?’ ‘are you creating, destroying?’ ‘How are you handling your experiences?’ and so on.

Happy Reiki Sessions!

Many Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

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