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Best practices for your Reiki Business

14 Apr

2 Important Parts of the Healing Session

2Important Parts of the Healing Session-2Do you struggle with bringing clients back for repeat sessions?  Here are two often over looked parts of the session that can make or break your repeat clients.

1.  Before the session – your first impression counts, from the first phone call or email to the time they spend in your waiting room if you have one.  There are professional applications you can use to book your appointments, collect money and manage feedback.  Spend time practicing your 90 second ‘what is Reiki’ speech and think about how your space will appear to a new client.

2.  After the session – use this time wisely!  You can educate the client about the benefit of coming back for more sessions.  The two of you can create an action plan.  You can schedule your next session before they leave.  This does not have to be a hard or soft sell time, more of a time to create a lasting relationship with your new client.  Too often I have left sessions wondering what my next steps should be.  Give your client home work.  Follow up with your new clients after a day or two.

New or repeat clients will be grateful for the extra time you spend with them.  I encourage my clients to call or email if they have questions.  I offer a bulk session package special, one that is used more often then not.

Have fun and keep up your own practice,

Reiki Answer Lady

05 Mar

Reiki Energy Spirit and Science

Reiki Energy Spirit and ScienceAs a Reiki practitioner, one of my great joys occurs at the end of a session when someone smiles and opens their eyes as they share their perspective of their session and how it made them feel.  Reiki can be experienced so differently by each individual as the energy works on many levels.  I have watched while new ideas have formed and listened to the excitement of a breakthrough.  I have watched as deep relaxation and a compassionate touch makes pain more bearable.   I have watched as remarkable transformations occur and pain is gone altogether or heaviness is released.

Reiki Masters and their clients are often satisfied in simply knowing the Reiki works for them, perhaps even at a mystical level. Others may be interested in a more scientific understanding.  How can Reiki work?  How can healing touch influence health?  There may be comfort in knowing that science has identified the electromagnetic fields coming from a Reiki Master’s hands as having a similar frequency to the electric pulses used in electrical stimulation therapies.

In the human body, information is passed to cells, tissues and organs through electrical charges. A changing electrical charge creates magnetic fields.  Until recently, only complex expensive equipment had been able to measure the human electromagnetic fields.  Now advanced devices can read the electromagnetic pulses from the hands of Reiki Masters.  Scientists measuring the brain waves of a Reiki Healer during a healing session have even discovered that the healers become frequency-synchronized with the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum.

When a Reiki Master is in a healing session they may feel heat, cold, tingling, or pin points of energy that are inconsistent.  These areas of changes have also been measured by modern science to show that a cell that is under stress, trauma or injury pulses at a greater frequency than a normal cell.  These pulses are understood to be potential injuries or precursors to illness.

Clinical trials abound as Reiki continues to provide deep relaxation and nurturing as a complimentary therapy across many specialized fields of medicine. At the same time world renowned medical institutions including John’s Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic are actively integrating Reiki services into their patient care offerings.  Two of the local Cancer Centers here in Milwaukee offer Reiki and Healing Touch as part of their complementary healing offerings.

As a mystical art or a scientific practice or a unique combination of both, Reiki is a growing component of healthcare solutions. Whether your own personal concern is emotional distress, chronic pain, injury & recovery or even daily stress, Reiki may prove to be a valuable component of your healing path.

Many Bright Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

12 Feb

3 Reasons Your Personal Meditation Practice is Important

3 ReasonsYourMeditation Practice isThere are many reasons a personal meditation practice is important for your own health and well being, but when you practice Reiki as a profession it is even more important.

1.  Each session requires that you set aside your own ego and open yourself fully to being a vessel for the light.  It is through meditation that you learn the voice of your ego and learn how to set it aside when needed.

2.  Each session is an hour long meditation, or longer.  If you do not practice meditation on your own, how are you going to quiet your mind for a full session? Everyday practice is mandatory for a spiritual practice like Reiki.

3.  In order to be open to ‘hear’ your clients cues, from their heart, mind, body and true self, you need to be able to quiet your own energy.  You might also want to take guidance from your clients compassionate guides and allies.  In order to properly communicate with the energies around you, you need to be open to listen.

If you are thinking about your grocery list or anything beyond the Reiki session, you are missing valuable information your clients body is communicating with you.  You are also projecting that energy into the session.  Clearly being open for a whole session requires practice and as we learn in Reiki 1, you should practice everyday.

Happy Reiki Practice,

Reiki Answer Lady


07 Jan

8 tips for building your client base

8 Tips for Building Your Client BaseIt takes time to build your client base.  My teacher told me 3-5 years until I had enough clients to keep my calendar full.  There are some key business practices that will help you keep your current clients as well as bring in new clients.  Here are 8 tips to building a solid client base.

Networking.  Network in your community with other Reiki practitioners and other  Holistic Health practitioners, start making a list of people in your area and contact them.  I network extensively in my area.  The first thing I do is offer the practitioner a free session. I also make an effort to get to know their business and unique offerings. We all have unique gifts and I make sure that I keep my contacts up to date on any new skills I have added to my services, as well I share any new services or workshops they have with my clients through my newsletter.  Ask any clients you refer to other practitioners to tell them where they got their information from.

Excellent and Memorable Sessions.  Focus on making each client session the best it can be for that client. Networking is a great way to see what kinds of things you like and that felt good to you. Take the time to have as many Reiki sessions with other practitioners as you can. Tailor your sessions for your clients in a way that helps support their unique gifts and needs, in a way that feels good and is nurturing. This will keep your clients coming back.

Word of Mouth. If you are Networking and giving Excellent and Memorable sessions you will most likely see the bulk of your new clients coming by word of mouth. For my business referrals I always send a thank you. Be careful to protect the privacy of your client.  For my clients I like to give small unique gifts like Angel Readings or Gift Certificates to neat stores. I also make sure I share my referral policy in my newsletter.

New Client Specials.  I offer a free 1/2 hour consultation for new clients. Then I offer them the chance to make it an hour for half off. I also let my current clients buy gift certificates at that price for new clients. This offer helps make it really easy for new clients to come in to see me.

Bulk Packages. When a new client comes in to see you, you want to make it easy for them to decide to come back. I have a couple of pricing options for continuing sessions. I sell more of my bulk packages then I do single hour sessions.  My bulk package is based on others in the area, buy 3 get 1 free.

Competitive pricing. Make sure you research the going rate for a session in your area. You don’t want to under cut your competition, so price fair. Know your market too, you don’t want to be too expensive.

Weekly Newsletters. Keep in touch with your current clients with a weekly newsletter.  I have gotten a lot of positive response from listing my session openings in my newsletter.  I use Mail Chimp, it is free, easy to use and looks professional.  A lot of my clients email me after my newsletter with a session request from my listed openings so I know it works.

Education. Reach out to traditional allopathic businesses such as medical centers, hospice care, dentists, veterinarians, women’s centers, and so on.  Everybody would benefit from a Reiki session and particularly those people or animals who need nurturing to help with their quality of life.  Create a template letter and customize it for each business including your other marketing material and follow up with a phone call to schedule a meeting.  I always offer a free session so the person I am working with can feel the benefits of Reiki first hand. Educate traditional medical service providers on the benefits of Reiki as a nurturing therapy.

You have your unique gifts and you love Reiki. Share your experiences with people and offer to show them what Reiki feels like. Create a nurturing environment, one that people can’t wait to come back to.  Welcome in new clients and really take the time to get to know them, creating a memorable experience for them.  Let them think of all the people they know that would benefit from a session.  Have fun and please let me know what other questions you have. You can use my contact form to submit your questions.

Many Blessings,

The Reiki Answer Lady

09 Dec

3 Essential Practices for a Successful Reiki Business

3EssentialPracticesFor YourReikiBusinessThere is a great deal of freedom and in fact encouragement to create your own Reiki style and practice – ideally in a way that honors your true authentic self.  That said there are 3 main practices that you do want to incorporate in your practice and your life to have a successful Reiki business.

1.  Practice Reiki 1 Everyday – Reiki is a spiritual practice and the foundation is set during your Reiki 1 attunement and practice.  The Reiki ideals are the guiding principals for your own energetic integrity and your personal Reiki healing practice will help you during your meditations and your own healing journey.

2.  Bringing Compassion into Your Community Interactions – all matter and all life on this planet is made of energy and as a Reiki Practitioner you are a channel for the light and compassion that is needed when working with energy in and out of your healing space.  Bring your mindfulness to the forefront when creating relationships in your community.

3. Energy Follows Intention – remember that your energy integrity is the only energy that is really in your own control – while you are only holding space for your clients, you are doing the work for yourself when it comes to healing and growing.  Is your energy a beacon for peace and freedom?  Are your thoughts contributing to the world you wish to see?

I am often asked “how long will it take for me to be able to practice?” The answer “depends on how much work you put into your own practice”  Bottom line your personal practice will dictate your growth opportunities in the world of Reiki.

Many Blessings

Reiki Answer Lady

03 Dec

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?Reiki is a Japanese Energy Therapy that promotes relaxation in the body by channeling light from our natural source of energy.

In Japanese the word Reiki is a combination of images, called kanji, that have a special meaning or kotodama. There are special types of kotodama called jumon, or incantation, that can be chanted to bring extra energy to the meditation or healing. The Kanji of Reiki is composed of two distinct parts, the first can be broken down into Rei – Rain, Mouth and Shaman. The second part is Ki, Steam coming off Cooked Rice.

You often hear Reiki described as the “Secret Mystery” and “Universal Power or Energy” I like to think of it as a Healers connection to the Natural Source of Energy. In other words through teachings from a qualified teacher you learn to access and channel the energy of the universe for healing and balance.

What do I mean by Energy? All matter in our universe is made of waves and particles. All waves and particles are packets of energy. One of Einsteins insights is as follows

“A photon, a packet of electromagnetic energy, is a physical reality and its electromagnetic field thins out to zero at great distances away from the center of the vibration or source or center of the energy.” – Einstein

So energy is this photon or packet of electromagnetic energy. All the cells in our body give off electromagnetic energy. Inside of all of our DNA strands are packets of Light. All of our energy, or photons, interact with the universe thinning out to Zero.

Zero as it turns out is also a field, A Zero Point Field, which is not a vacuum but rather an always active source of energy with particles popping into and out of existence. So our packets of energy flow away from us out into the universe becoming part of this Zero Point Field and back to us.

Reiki is an inherent natural part of  this source of Energy. We give light to the universe and we learn how to be a channel for light back to ourselves.

Reiki is so inherently simple in its nature but so powerful and transformative in its ability to bring change and healing to the body, heart, mind and spirit.

Many Light Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

25 Nov

How much should I charge for my Session?

How Much  Per Session?A student of mine who is starting to do her own Reiki sessions as a business asked me about coming up with an amount to charge for her sessions.  I remember when I went through this myself when starting to offer Reiki as a profession.  Here are some tips other colleagues shared with me and that I in turn shared with her:

*  How much are other practitioners charging in your area, the last thing you want to do is undercut your colleagues in the area

*  How much can folks afford to spend, you will find that answered primarily by the first bullet.  However I would consider your market too, if you are a niche practitioner and want to help specific people, what can the afford?

*  Consider how much you have to make: do you have to make a specific amount each month?  How many sessions would you need to have scheduled to make that amount.  Clearly a higher hourly rate will get you there faster but will the market support you in that?

*  What is your relationship with money?  From a manifesting perspective deep hidden emotions will impact what you bring to you.

*  What is your overhead?  Per session what goes into laundry, lights, heat, garbage and so on, be sure to add those to your hourly rate.

There will probably always be practitioners in your area making more then you and charging less then you.  The trick is to find an amount that is honoring to you and that your clients are happy with.  I do offer a bulk package that allows folks to purchase at a lower price.  I have always been flexible when it comes to money so if a client has special circumstances I work with them.

Happy Sessions,

Reiki Answer Lady

05 Nov

Would my dogs like Reiki?

Animals Love ReikiWould my dogs like Reiki?

My client at the cancer center said her Reiki session made her the most relaxed she’s been in a long time.  She then asked if her dogs would benefit from a Reiki session.  Yes!  Animals love Reiki.  But just like people you need to ask permission first.

For my animal clients I connect to them either before I see them or when they first get to my healing space (or if I am going to their house when I first get to their place) and ask them if they are interested.  Some of my clients hop all over the room the whole time and others lie down on a blanket I provide.

The really important part about working with animals is to respect their wishes.  Animals have free will too.  And to be extra respectful of their human friends.  Just like a Reiki session with a human, be mindful of what information you share with their humans.  I also pay special attention to what the animals guides want me to share or where they want me to place my hands to send light.

Animal Reiki is really rewarding and could be a great fit for your practice.  I do let most animals come to my healing space, cats I like to visit at their home.  I use blankets that are comfortable for the animal and that I can wash right away.

Good luck and have fun with your animal friends.

Many Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

21 Oct

Reiki is all Light but Beware the Scammer

Reiki is All Light Beware the ScammerWow, Reiki is all Light but Beware the Scammer.

This is a special blog post based on an experience I had this past weekend.  As it relates specifically to my Reiki business I thought I would share with you.

I get new client referrals all the time so when I was contacted by a new potential client I thought nothing of it.  This new contact happened to mention that they were under going treatment for lung cancer and since I also work out of a cancer center I thought they probably got my contact info from the center.

We went back and forth a few times talking specifics; for how many people, what days and times would work, pricing and so on.  Turns out it was for 5 people and needed to be done during the weekend/early part of the week.

So I altered my calendar and planned for a larger number of 90 minute sessions in a row.  Until they asked for a favor.

The second I saw that word favor I had a sinking feeling.   Here it comes in the next email, detailed information about the favor.  They wanted me to charge their credit card for almost $1400 more then the already pricey package of sessions, of which I could keep an extra $85 for my trouble.  I was then supposed to give this amount to the ‘driver’ in the form of a money gram.

Now I am not in the habit of assuming people are trying to scam me.  I wouldn’t think anyone in the holistic healing fields would be.  So when I saw that detailed email I knew in my heart this person had probably stolen someone else’s credit card and was trying to use me to get access to the money.

I decided in the end that I needed to file a police report.  I also alerted other practitioners in the area to the scam and shared the persons name (probably fake) just so they could be on the look out.

It sure was an interesting decision on the part of the scammer and made for some interesting discussions with my colleagues.

Always remember to trust your gut.

All in Light,

Reiki Answer Lady



30 Sep

How do I know what information to share with my Reiki client?

COFFEEHow do I know what information to share with my client?

Do you frequently receive information from your clients guides or allies? Do you receive information from your clients physical systems, their heart, their mind and their spirit that impacts their current health or manifesting goals?

If you are coming to Reiki via an inherent intuitive healing path, you have probably already learned that your words have significant impact.  I remember once when I was in 5th grade I shared information with my teachers that was something I learned from their private thoughts, boy were they upset!  I learned a valuable lesson; sometimes just because you know, heard or intuited information, doesn’t mean those around you want to, or even can, hear it.

Unless you are a licensed doctor or registered nurse you are not qualified to give medical advice. In fact you should have this declaration as part of your agreement with your client. Bottom line: encourage your clients to maintain a relationship with a qualified medical professional.

If you receive information about a physical system, either directly from the system itself, or from a meridian or chakra, then I recommend asking that clients compassionate allies how to talk about your findings. Your allies and your clients allies will have a message that contains the best healing story for your clients healing path. If your ego is trying to be part of this conversation then you will be tempted to say “I saw, You Need, I want…” take the time during your personal mediations to learn the voice of your ego.

If you are not a licensed mental health professional than again you are not qualified to give mental health advice. This is why I have mental health professionals in my networking group. You can listen, you can offer a nurturing Reiki session, but be very sensitive to the impact of your words. I guarantee your clients are listening to every word you say. When I have intuited in a session that my client is going through a very rough time, I tell them that Reiki can support them on their healing journey and that Reiki is a perfect compliment to therapy sessions with a qualified professional. I also let them know I have an extensive network if they are not already working with someone.

I try to use positive healing words when describing chakras. The really exciting aspect of energy work is we are all unique, our energy patterns are no different. I stay away from words like broken, spinning in the wrong direction, compromised or I ‘fixed’ or ‘repaired’ it, anything that implies something is inherently wrong with the client. Instead I suggest using growth words like activated or this is an opportunity for healing.

As an example a client is in the middle of a break up.  Are you going to find their heart chakra tender, sluggish, or less of a flower shape or really buzzing and active? Yes, probably.  So if they ask I say “given what we your going through it makes sense that your heart chakra needs you to have lots of compassion for yourself”  or “given what your going through this is a great opportunity for growth and healing”

I have personally had sessions where instead of exploring what might be happening in my life and presenting me with a healing story, I have been told that the practitioner ‘fixed’ my heart chakra and I should be all better now. Please try and resist an ego response of this magnitude.  Remember that your client (all the parts of them: heart, mind, spirit and body) is the one doing the healing.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the Healing Story you tell your client. By working with your guides and allies and your clients allies, you will have removed your ego from the conversation, focusing instead on the best story to tell your client on their healing journey.

One last word about Reiki.  Your Reiki session should be about relaxation and nurturing. Readings, Chakras, Meridians, Tree of Life Spheres and so on are not part of the fundamentals of Reiki. I encourage you to separate out those components during a session. I have mine as extra services clients can add on to their nurturing Reiki session.

Many Blessings,

Reiki Answer Lady

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