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8 tips for building your client base

8 Tips for Building Your Client BaseIt takes time to build your client base.  My teacher told me 3-5 years until I had enough clients to keep my calendar full.  There are some key business practices that will help you keep your current clients as well as bring in new clients.  Here are 8 tips to building a solid client base.

Networking.  Network in your community with other Reiki practitioners and other  Holistic Health practitioners, start making a list of people in your area and contact them.  I network extensively in my area.  The first thing I do is offer the practitioner a free session. I also make an effort to get to know their business and unique offerings. We all have unique gifts and I make sure that I keep my contacts up to date on any new skills I have added to my services, as well I share any new services or workshops they have with my clients through my newsletter.  Ask any clients you refer to other practitioners to tell them where they got their information from.

Excellent and Memorable Sessions.  Focus on making each client session the best it can be for that client. Networking is a great way to see what kinds of things you like and that felt good to you. Take the time to have as many Reiki sessions with other practitioners as you can. Tailor your sessions for your clients in a way that helps support their unique gifts and needs, in a way that feels good and is nurturing. This will keep your clients coming back.

Word of Mouth. If you are Networking and giving Excellent and Memorable sessions you will most likely see the bulk of your new clients coming by word of mouth. For my business referrals I always send a thank you. Be careful to protect the privacy of your client.  For my clients I like to give small unique gifts like Angel Readings or Gift Certificates to neat stores. I also make sure I share my referral policy in my newsletter.

New Client Specials.  I offer a free 1/2 hour consultation for new clients. Then I offer them the chance to make it an hour for half off. I also let my current clients buy gift certificates at that price for new clients. This offer helps make it really easy for new clients to come in to see me.

Bulk Packages. When a new client comes in to see you, you want to make it easy for them to decide to come back. I have a couple of pricing options for continuing sessions. I sell more of my bulk packages then I do single hour sessions.  My bulk package is based on others in the area, buy 3 get 1 free.

Competitive pricing. Make sure you research the going rate for a session in your area. You don’t want to under cut your competition, so price fair. Know your market too, you don’t want to be too expensive.

Weekly Newsletters. Keep in touch with your current clients with a weekly newsletter.  I have gotten a lot of positive response from listing my session openings in my newsletter.  I use Mail Chimp, it is free, easy to use and looks professional.  A lot of my clients email me after my newsletter with a session request from my listed openings so I know it works.

Education. Reach out to traditional allopathic businesses such as medical centers, hospice care, dentists, veterinarians, women’s centers, and so on.  Everybody would benefit from a Reiki session and particularly those people or animals who need nurturing to help with their quality of life.  Create a template letter and customize it for each business including your other marketing material and follow up with a phone call to schedule a meeting.  I always offer a free session so the person I am working with can feel the benefits of Reiki first hand. Educate traditional medical service providers on the benefits of Reiki as a nurturing therapy.

You have your unique gifts and you love Reiki. Share your experiences with people and offer to show them what Reiki feels like. Create a nurturing environment, one that people can’t wait to come back to.  Welcome in new clients and really take the time to get to know them, creating a memorable experience for them.  Let them think of all the people they know that would benefit from a session.  Have fun and please let me know what other questions you have. You can use my contact form to submit your questions.

Many Blessings,

The Reiki Answer Lady

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