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3 Ways to Open Your Heart to Reiki

3 Ways to Open to ReikiReiki is a transforming energy that can bring miraculous healing both on and off the healing table.  Here are 3 ways to bring Reiki more fully into your life and heart:

1.  When you begin to practice Reiki, more and more synchronistic events will be evident on your path.  Sometimes these can seem scary or impossible.  Let go and trust Reiki – one way to do this is to offer your own heart, mind, body and spirit Reiki treatments.  If I start to feel worried or afraid, I place my hand over my heart and breathe.  Thank the Reiki energy for easing your transition.

2.  Open to the possibilities.  It is easy to get lost in the details, especially if you are working on healing in your life.  Try to set aside the details and instead open to the possibility that ‘things’ can be better, can be fantastic.  Instead of defining (and in some cases judging) focus on being open.  One way to use the Reiki energy to do this is to use the Reiki ideals as a mantra when the details are clouding the outcome.  I like to chant them in Japanese.

3.  Breathe Reiki energy in and breathe Reiki energy out.  Creating a conscious flow of Reiki energy in and around your Aura, can provide not only a safety buffer but also be a lens to see the light of others all around us.  I like to visualize the Reiki energy traveling out my heart chakra, there it picks up love and compassion.  Melding this heart Reiki energy with Earth energy and Universal energy is called the 3 keys.

Happy Reiki Energy!

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