15 Sep

3 Tips for Offering Reiki to Toddlers

3Are you about to have your youngest client yet?  Here are some tips for creating the best experience for your clients and their parents.

1. Let the child lead the session – You can try and explain to a toddler that by lying down on your table they will feel better, but unless the child is really ill, your space will probably have too many exciting things to explore.  You can start the Reiki session by leading the parent and yourself on a meditation, call in compassionate energies and using your Three Pillars, connect to source.

2. Simply hold space – offer the opportunity for healing just like you would to someone lying on your table but without the hands on application.  You can use your distance healing techniques to boost the healing energy in your sacred healing space.  Offer your clients True Self the opportunity to connect to the light you are channeling.

3. Offer fun objects to sit and look at – If you provide items that grab your clients interest, you can keep them sitting in one spot and maybe they will let you offer them hands on healing.  If they brush or push your hands away, be respectful and move on to somewhere else.  Just resting your hand lightly on their back might feel good to them.  One of the many amazing things with Reiki is you do not have to touch your client to offer healing light.  Fill your space with it.

You can explain to the parent what you are doing; “I am holding space for your child to be offered the opportunity for healing.  I am letting them decide to what degree they want me to work hands on.  I am going to sit here quietly in meditation and offer the healing light.  Your child will receive the full benefit of the session, it is important for them to decide how they want to receive the light.”

Have fun, your young clients will get plenty of benefit during their session even if you are just playing with crystals and rattles together for an hour.

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