09 Dec

3 Essential Practices for a Successful Reiki Business

3EssentialPracticesFor YourReikiBusinessThere is a great deal of freedom and in fact encouragement to create your own Reiki style and practice – ideally in a way that honors your true authentic self.  That said there are 3 main practices that you do want to incorporate in your practice and your life to have a successful Reiki business.

1.  Practice Reiki 1 Everyday – Reiki is a spiritual practice and the foundation is set during your Reiki 1 attunement and practice.  The Reiki ideals are the guiding principals for your own energetic integrity and your personal Reiki healing practice will help you during your meditations and your own healing journey.

2.  Bringing Compassion into Your Community Interactions – all matter and all life on this planet is made of energy and as a Reiki Practitioner you are a channel for the light and compassion that is needed when working with energy in and out of your healing space.  Bring your mindfulness to the forefront when creating relationships in your community.

3. Energy Follows Intention – remember that your energy integrity is the only energy that is really in your own control – while you are only holding space for your clients, you are doing the work for yourself when it comes to healing and growing.  Is your energy a beacon for peace and freedom?  Are your thoughts contributing to the world you wish to see?

I am often asked “how long will it take for me to be able to practice?” The answer “depends on how much work you put into your own practice”  Bottom line your personal practice will dictate your growth opportunities in the world of Reiki.

Many Blessings

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